Hangzhou to support online employment without business license can also do social security

countries on the shop management more and more strict, more and more formal. In July 1st this year, the real name system will be incorporated into the shop management track, any named open shop will be gone.


to business shop, to the future operation of the shop more healthy development, now the shop owner best early action, conform to the historical trend, closer to the real name, early into the legal network ranks.

in fact, the real name system legislative regulations, indicating that the state formally supports the online store. The other is a business license. Due to the conditions of the store to get a business license is very harsh, a lot of people in charge of the store can not get a business license, and their employees can not talk about social security. In this case, easy to cause loss in the big city network or employee recruitment difficulties. Especially Taobao owner, its marketing platform is not independent of the platform, want to apply for a business license is impossible, and good business shop store employees want to do insurance for employees is more difficult, because the most fundamental one is, you have no business license.

recently, the Hangzhou municipal government issued "on the Internet to identify and support entrepreneurship and employment related issues notice", according to the online employment policy related to identify and support: to vigorously promote the online employment as soon as possible, improve policy support, according to the ID information network formally permitted to pay pension and medical insurance. Statistics show that currently operate in Hangzhou Taobao shop stores 19.4 million, the owner is expected to become the country’s first social security Taobao stores. That is to say, Hangzhou has become the first implementation of the city can not do without a license to do social security.

we have to analyze specific provisions: Hangzhou new policy shows where the registered urban unemployed, college graduates and rural migrant workers, in the online trading platform through real name registration certification in e-commerce (shop) business, that may voluntarily apply for online business employment, but must meet one of the following two conditions: total 1 the seller credit score reached 1000 points or more, the favorable rate (the percentage of the number of praise and transaction number) in more than 98%; 2 business more than 3 months and a monthly income of more than the minimum monthly wage standard in Hangzhou city. Identified by the shop owner, will be able to refer to individual businesses with employees form employment registration procedures; reference standard for urban individual workers to participate in the basic old-age pension and medical insurance two or one. Can also apply for settled in Xiyuan city C2C Hangzhou Wangjiang Park, settled in the shop will be able to enjoy complete, convenient service, cheap business service. Park will according to "the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government on the promotion of a number of opinions to further improve the long-term mechanism of employment" (Municipal No. [2009]10) the relevant provisions of the document, to enjoy the park venue rental subsidies and subsidies. Hangzhou Employment Management Service Bureau, said the staff member, holding the proof of the online venture employment, you can refer to the individual industrial and commercial households standards, enjoy the relevant policies to support the employment of the new deal in Hangzhou.

in the employment situation is very grim >

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