The Supreme Law should the seller Express online shopping impersonator express company does not bear

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method: online shopping courier express company shall be borne by the seller falsely claim does not bear responsibility for

[TechWeb] reported on June 16th news, yesterday, the highest law news briefing, the Supreme People’s court the first court president Yang Linping said, consumers online shopping goods falsely claimed by others in the delivery process, the seller and consumer advocate common delivery person liable for damages, shall be borne by the Seller shall bear the liability for compensation.

briefing, the Supreme Law Bulletin ten from the typical case of consumer rights, including three cases involving online shopping disputes, there are cases of consumer online shopping goods being impersonator. General: Yang Bo in the case of online shopping from operating the Department of Electronics Fu Yingchun opened a value of 15123 yuan to buy a computer, Fu Yingchun Bayannaoer city commissioned United Yuantong Day Day Express Ltd delivery. The arrival of the goods at the place of delivery after falsely claimed by others. Yang Bo sued the courier company and Fu Yingchun, court Fu Yingchun Yang Bo compensation paid computer 15123 yuan and mailing costs 95 yuan.

court that, although the seller has the goods to express delivery, but in the process of transportation, the courier company staff in the delivery does not verify the identity of the other information without the goods by others sign, sellers have not yet completed the obligation to deliver the goods constitutes a breach of contract, so the consumer requests the seller paid money and computer the postage of claim should be supported.

according to the principle of privity of contract, the contract is only binding on the contracting parties, the courier company will deliver the goods to others, which belongs to the relationship between the seller and the courier company. Courier company should not be liable for compensation in this case, the consumer should not be liable for the courier company should bear the liability for compensation. (Zhou Xiaobai)

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