Online shopping net sales electricity providers to create a new ecological rural consumption

with the Spring Festival approaching, Fujian County, Zhaoan dawn village Taobao rookie Daniel Chan almost every day to busy late into the night. Do consulting, help single, send and receive express…… Had opened the store sales, Daniel Chan admitted that the "small village" is not good when.

"in the past to the county villagers to purchase special purchases for the Spring Festival fair, now as long as the touch of a finger, a few days special purchases for the Spring Festival home, more and more villagers have accepted this new way of shopping." Daniel Chan said.

industry insiders said that with the gradual advance of urbanization, the potential of rural consumption is being dug deep.

"at present rural Taobao in all provinces in the country has started to fall, the normal operation of the county has reached 450, in the decoration and negotiate in county has more than 200 rural village, Taobao landing point has reached 24000, the electricity supplier is gradually changing consumption habits of farmers, wait a few days before receipt become a new consumption fashion." Sun Lijun, vice president of Alibaba group said.

electricity supplier has gradually become a new engine of rural consumption, but also opened up a channel for the rural specialty into the city.

in Fujian Anxi County in Fujian Province Hongtai tea professional cooperatives, 90 ten Wang Siyi led the small team, carry out the examination, the online Everfount order sorting, distribution, the daily average of more than 3000 copies of the courier will be shipped around from this humble plant.

reporters learned that the establishment of electronic business platform for farmers to participate in the market offers new possibilities and means of realization. Along with the "Internet plus" era, intelligent mobile phone has spread, WeChat, micro Amoy emerging micro business marketing is also the rise of tea.

in many rural areas, the former migrant workers, now choose to go home to do electricity supplier more young people. Ali Research Institute recently released the China Taobao Village Research Report (2016) shows that China has created more than 840 thousand jobs in the village of Taobao, China’s rural economic transformation has become an important new engine.

data show that the first half of 2016, the scale of China’s rural online shopping market reached 312 billion yuan, is expected to reach $647 billion 500 million.

After the development of

, the concept of "Internet plus" gradually "into" the construction of new countryside, a rural electricity supplier brand stand up.

on the other hand, the logistics distribution is still a major obstacle to the development of rural electricity supplier industry, the State Post Bureau statistics show that in 2015 the domestic express network coverage of the township was 48%, and nearly half of the township through courier. Insiders said that the future needed in logistics efforts, so that consumers really experience the Internet for the convenience of rural life.

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