The exploration of vertical subdivision of B2B ndustry Station

2012, is an Internet transformation and development year, in some areas of the industry, vertical segmentation is an imperative trend.

B2C to

in B2B industry, C2C, the electronic commerce mode, development is relatively mature, but a mature model, will appear differentiation, which is the B2B industry vertical segments, from one service to different audience groups.

for the vertical subdivision of the B2B industry, there are generally two segments:

1, from industry segments

This kind of Alibaba

relative to the traditional large B2B sites, comprehensive group is too large, because it is too large, the trouble is not taken into account, and not all of the columns can be taken into account, but also because the amount of data is too large, the agency wants to find better resources of the manufacturers will have look for a needle in the ocean, so it is difficult to choose the feeling. The vertical segmentation is the transformation of B2B will do! For vertical market segments, for promotion, in an industry promotion and services, can better user experience, save marketing costs, also can make the customer more convenient to find the information you want


2, from functional subdivision

customer demand is various, for the downstream agents, they need to understand the latest developments in the industry, most manufacturers quickly find their own intention, for all manufacturers between price and advantage of contrast and so on, for the upstream manufacturers, he hopes to use more explicit and personalized way to show their products information, and the need for a more prominent position show bring more customers, based on these requirements, focusing on the different functions of the B2B website also came into being, each site provides various characteristics of service, also let the manufacturers and dealers have more choice of


B2B for the industry, and divided into function, these are on the Internet service request more and more high quality forms, for just before the upstream manufacturers charge a service fee for the B2B industry, also more in seeking transformation, expand the flow of import, the maximum flow value of each segment, to provide more personalized service for the upstream manufacturers, and provide more accurate guidance for the downstream manufacturers, these are for the good site training, improve the user experience of the website, and create the necessary basis for the B2B brand in the industry, the industry of B2B’s greatest success lies in that it can make a brand in the industry, it B2B is a site of the peak value of


for the promotion of the B2B industry station, it should be noted that the overall integration of online and offline, the formation of matrix effects. The trade show some industry gathering, improve the site’s overall visibility, the use of online marketing integration precision flow into the site, then do the station experience, so, once the brand accumulated to a degree that will produce a qualitative.

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