Do not sell mask Follow them as farm products

a few days later, my own Ling’an pecan will also be listed, then, will be devoted to the nuts of the business, perhaps, there will be no time to share some good articles.

so, these days can not think about finishing a micro business how to do well the agricultural products of the article, just today, see this article, so to share the next to do agricultural products friends, which summed up some of the content, it is worth careful consideration.

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additionally, since October 1st, the newly revised food safety law will be fully implemented. The provisions of the network of food production operators must be licensed (excluding agricultural products), and has the responsibility of audit platform operators license.

WeChat as a major position in the sale of food, it must be strictly enforced in accordance with the requirements of the new food safety law. This means that WeChat public numbers and personal accounts will face regulatory, especially public numbers must provide the full name of the enterprise platform, business registration number and other information, in order to carry out food sales.

can be sure, after the national day, the circle of friends handmade handmade baked goods, a variety of food purchasing, homemade fast food takeaway will disappear a large number of.

as a new "food safety law" is not enough supervision of micro business, but the "three product" the first out already convey an important signal: not everyone can do micro business, derivative threshold will gradually increase, micro business will become more and more formal. Whether you do mask or cosmetics, the next period of time, WeChat will ask you to issue a corresponding qualification certificate, in order to better supervision.

is actually a derivative such as agricultural products, if you can normal operation, namely, handle the relevant documents in the period of time in the future, will get the support of WeChat. After all, every year the Central Document No. 1 is the issue of agriculture, encouraged by the state is Internet plus agriculture, a new farmer, in fact just fine. Like myself, like to publish articles in the micro electricity supplier, WeChat has won the public platform for the official invitation in addition to "praise" beyond all beta function. Also from the continuous learning to broaden their horizons, open up the situation, so I learned to look at the issue from a long-term point of view, after all, the cause is a lifetime. This is the reason why I chose Ling’an pecan


text from the network, thanks to the author’s profound summary!

first talk about the prospects of agricultural micro

agricultural products through micro business sales model will become more and more popular, in addition to the micro business itself this outbreak, there is a huge change in the entire industrial chain of agricultural products. From planting, production to sales, are different from the traditional agriculture, which is what we call the new agriculture.


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