Valentine’s Day is also love Tmall Fauvism yishenxiangxu


] February 7th news billion state power network, billion state power network that the online florist Fauvism officially settled in Tmall before, this is the first flagship store in the third party platform, the main shop with flowers, and shipping limited.



in Tmall, Fauvism to take a limited way for sale, the price of flowers in favor of high-grade and more as a gift box, seems to be the intention for the upcoming Valentine’s day; in addition, in addition to selling flowers, the shop also launched a small jewelry.

it is understood that the earliest Fauvism florist shop in Shanghai at the end of 2011, micro-blog founder Amber preferred registered on the shop, the shop’s flowers in Paris popular trend of modern painting and expressionist features, it is reported that the famous actor is the regulars, currently has offices in Shanghai, Beijing has 7 an offline store.

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