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at present, a lot of small and medium enterprises are slowly moving closer to the network marketing, blindly trying new models to see whether it can open a new market. In the past, the network marketing service providers to provide a single service has been unable to meet the needs of the current SME needs. Can only strive to provide one-stop service, so that the link, the details step by step, providing network marketing solutions. However, the Alibaba, the mainone one-stop e-commerce services, a more than as a representative of the one-stop Internet marketing service network, and relying on the basis of network construction of one-stop service station, this is not the only one. So, what a one-stop Internet marketing service charm, so many small business owners in droves, network marketing services with


from the current market transactions of the main body of view, the network market can be divided into three types of enterprises to consumers, business to business, international trade. With the rapid development of Internet, network marketing will be the traditional trade way to form a huge impact, and with its fast, convenient, efficient and cost-effective advantages has become the main way of international and domestic trade in twenty-first Century. Network marketing will be the inevitable choice for every business. However, some of the network marketing service provider of products, will inevitably be copied by peers. Therefore, the product itself caused serious homogenization. The small and medium enterprises in the choice of service providers, while wasting a lot of energy and financial resources, overwhelmed. Unable to determine which network marketing service providers to provide services is the king of the road. In the past, let the small and medium-sized enterprises have generated a sense of isolation, there is a trace of network marketing service providers worry.

at this time, the enterprise consumer demand is no longer a single product sales, but overall refinement of solutions sales, which fully refers to any time, any place, any channel, refinement is refers to the process detailed, customer segmentation, products such as the long tail. Therefore, the customer value of a one-stop online marketing services should be reflected in the above changes, and one-stop service must meet and meet the needs of consumers.

How to reduce the complexity of

process to maximize customer demands, network marketing services to customers in order to shorten the work flow, take more active tasks, customers can’t complete or work difficulty coefficient is relatively large, and a set of solutions to replace single product, dispense with the customer the menace from the rear simultaneously. Enhance the added value of the network marketing service providers.

network marketing research center ( experts pointed out that in order to do one-stop service, we must first understand what is the demand of customers, to bring an effect of what kind of network marketing service to him. To integrated marketing, take an antidote against the disease, the corresponding strategy and plan, can understand customer’s aspects, so everything, thinking is the key. Because the customer’s demand is in constant change, need to communicate with customers at any time and anywhere, try to achieve the desired effect >

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