Electronic commerce website before the 15 data exposure


e-commerce war intensified, but the number of their enterprise access and transaction conversion rate has been carefully conceal mentioning.

recently, an exclusive data obtained from iResearch reporter, display of electronic commerce website 15 transaction data in December last year, the domestic traffic, taobao.com won the first undisputed trading volume, but the turnover rate is only second.

iResearch internal report screenshot

According to

data show that the electronic commerce website of domestic 15 most visited the total turnover rate is 5.5 / 100 single visit, the turnover rate is the highest in department store online store Yao point 100, to reach 9.1 / 100 single visit, and e-commerce giant taobao.com to 7.6 / 100 single visit is second. In fact, Yao point 100 before is not known, but recently teamed up with Baidu spring festival marketing activities "fame".

is worth mentioning is that the network, Eslite, Le Amoy net clothing shoes e-commerce business turnover rate is higher, while the price the higher the amount of 3C (computer, communication and consumer electronics) products online shopping mall, the Jingdong, new egg network, easy fast mall turnover rate is relatively low.

details of the transaction rate as shown in the table (Note: turnover rate for each visit to achieve a number of transactions)

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