Liu Xingliang mobile e commerce is not a simple extension of the traditional electricity supplier

Phoenix Science and technology news August 17th news, the second annual meeting of the annual meeting of China Mobile e-commerce in Chengdu, Phoenix technology as the official designated Internet news partner, the full coverage of the general assembly.

in the mobile e-commerce to landing users "forum, flash poly media CEO Liu Xingliang, CEO Wu Shichun, Iron Chef shook easily into fashion, Master Hotel Executive Director Tang Lan CEO Liu Zhangbo and deputy general manager Chen Jinyong Amoy shoes network is discussed, the four guests were in favor of mobile e-commerce is not a simple extension of the traditional business ideas.

in the "difference" of mobile e-commerce and traditional e-commerce, Iron Chef shook CEO Wu Shichun believes that the mobile Internet Internet behavior and PC behavior are very different, it can provide personalized things with position whenever and wherever possible.

Hotel Master CEO Liu Zhangbo believes that the traditional electricity supplier and e-commerce as mobile phone and PC difference, mobile phone has the privacy, will accompany the user whenever and wherever possible.

easy to become executive director of fashion Tang Lan believes that the biggest difference between mobile e-commerce and traditional e-commerce is instant strong. Mobile Internet can push the first message, second allows consumers to order, purchase, and can have the possibility of improvisation, impulsive. Third can immediately reflect the customer’s information and geographical location. Mobile Internet has the possibility of personalized customized services and personalized value-added services.

Chen Jinyong, deputy general manager of

scouring shoes Network believes that mobile e-commerce with traditional e-commerce has complementary, one is the crowd of complementary. One is the scene of complementary. (Guo Jing)

below for the forum record:

just speech ended, we enter into dialogue link is relatively easy, first please flash poly media CEO Mr. Liu Xingliang, please have the chef shook CEO Mr. Wu Shichun, please Yicheng fashion executive director Ms. LAN, please Master Hotel CEO Liu Zhang Boxian and deputy general manager Chen Jinyong Amoy shoes sir, I will pass over to Mr. Liu Xingliang, he and you bring us mobile e-commerce user topic how to fall.

: Liu Xingliang is honored to host today’s forum, in front of the keynote session is relatively serious, below into the dialogue we relatively relaxed, I am the dialogue of non famous host Liu Xingliang. The site also welcome friends with micro-blog to interact with us, you can send me a private letter, if there is a good question for everyone, I will ask our guests. Every time I came to Chengdu, I was particularly excited, why? Because with undergraduate and graduate students, including working in Chengdu, I have spent 9 years in Chengdu, this 9 years is indeed a life for a long time, there are many memorable things, such as many memorable the male student female students, especially one of the female students has now become my daughter’s mother. Why did it come to this? Because what we say today

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