Don’t make the wrong direction 2015 individual micro entrepreneurs questions

this Spring Festival, many people heard that a certain friend derivative how to how to make money on the table, all walks of life are hard to do business in 2014, heard that the derivative money, and do not need too much professional skills, we have a little heart, and then my friend found a brother – the Spring Festival is to eliminate illiteracy think, simply write down to share:

said the first environment, the rise of intelligent mobile phone, which makes people the fragmentation of the time all the focus on the mobile phone, as a new platform, has a huge flow of dividends, the first step of many people really earn a lot of money. But the lack of market regulation, micro business has experienced barbaric growth brought very bad reputation, marketing behavior and the hierarchy of Yahuo, no limit excessive deceptive marketing, resulting in derivative problems.

asks: what is a micro quotient?

answer: do not think of the micro business is too complex, micro business is a proxy for your products, through the new mobile phone network to find people selling different. Sales methods, nothing more than recruit agents and retail.

: is the dealer in the right direction,


answer: no doubt, people’s attention is focused on the phone, which is the era of change, through cell phone business, this is definitely the right direction.

Q: can you make money for micro business


answer: if you just do part-time It differs from man to man., retail, also earn some pocket money, if you do full-time, it is equivalent to sales, is to put every day playing chicken with the same propaganda, to build the channel, I think still have a chance to make money. 2015 micro business, just like the electricity supplier in 2005, but also the brutal growth of chaos, the opportunity to.

Q: do micro business should choose what products?


, a popular demand for goods, a niche product circle is too small, not easy to expand the customer. Two, large consumption of products, can not sell what to buy a product within three years do not need to buy a second. Three, the product quality is good, at least you feel like the product after the trial, your circle of friends can accept the product. Four, can not have too many aftermarket (clothing / shoes and other needs of the size of the exchange), the warranty period is very short of products (fresh fruits and vegetables), if you have a professional resources, then say. Five, the customer price of more than one hundred dollars. Six, the best selling point is relatively special, customer recognition. For example, one meter a meter, the main concept of live meters.

so, why the mask in the circle of friends is the best selling, his reason, in addition to spend the brother’s judgment, the cosmetic / cosmetic / local specialty food and fuel / dry cargo / these, should be more suitable for the present format of the derivative products, and more suitable for small cost of individual products.

Q: do micro business what pits?

answer: the first pit is a multi-level agent, layers of increase, it is said to have the highest level of 12 agents, these goods are at every level

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