Network domain name infringement small domain name can not be ignored

businesses have their own registered trademarks, but many businesses have ignored the registration of their own domain name. This will give some criminals loopholes, malicious cybersquatting domain name, and to ask for business expenses. The court reminded: businesses should not only attach importance to the registration of trademarks, but also pay attention to the registration of domain names in order to avoid their own registered trademark infringement.

an electrical company, in the market has a certain degree of visibility. Earlier this year, the company found an online search domain name and the company’s registered trademark similar. The investigation found that the domain name is registered in the chapter, the company immediately contacted Zhang Jun. Zhang Jun said it is the domain name of the owner, to transfer the domain name, the company must pay the transfer fee. The court of appeal. The company asked the court to order the defendant to stop infringement, and asked the court to confirm its registered trademark as well-known trademarks, so as to expand the scope of protection of registered trademark rights to.

the case by the city intermediate people’s court presided over the mediation, the parties reached a settlement agreement. The company withdrew the prosecution of the defendant Zhang (the text is a pseudonym). (commissioning editor admin01)

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