Wang Liyang electricity supplier nternet three a of the chaos war

Internet three chaos war electricity supplier (a). From the end of March when Kunimi teamed to provoke the electricity supplier war has been almost four months, four months of electricity market are constantly showing, intensity of electricity price is more surgingly. Over the past four months, around the news of the six major electricity supplier intertwined with each other, making the electricity supplier market is becoming more and more lively. This is the six major electricity supplier Dangdang, Gome, suning.com, Jingdong, Tmall mall online shopping mall, QQ.

a, Dangdang

the past four months, Dangdang to carry out strategic contraction, take the go out, please come in strategy. The first is to Dangdang Gome, and then cooperate with the outlet, then introduce the brewmaster network, there is a recent Dangdang online shopping and soon settled in QQ, Tmall also settled within the Dangdang plan. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Dangdang will launch its own brand products.

two, Gome

due to internal problems, the development strategy of Gome in the past has not been very clear, but the recent United States seems to wake up. The first is March Kuba Huanshuai, then marriage Dangdang, Dangdang and then jointly launched the first round of the April price war, after the yellow light and the United States to invest in the integration of Kuba and cutting-edge beauty, and recently Kuba against the Jingdong launched a "sniper 618" mall promotion activities. It is worth noting that, in order to catch up with suning.com, this year the impact of 10 billion sales plan kuba.

three, suning.com

at the beginning of the year suning.com set to complete the 30 billion sales target this year, in early April when suning.com began to force electricity suppliers. The first launch of E18 promotions, followed by the United and Hunan TV launched "the day the sound of a team of" public welfare program, announced after the 1 billion yuan to build the headquarters of suning.com, then in May does not limit the promotion of electricity supplier price war at the end of May, Suning announced the integration of online and offline when Suning Appliance there is suning.com. Beginning in June with the Jingdong head price war. Suning.com force the electricity supplier price war to the high North Korea, this year suning.com’s performance worthy of attention.

four, Jingdong mall

in March when the Jingdong mall constantly expanding product categories, from tourism, clothing and then to luxury. April, when the first round of Jingdong to avoid the price war, and then Liu Qiangdong bet about Li Guoqing. May, when the Jingdong said it invested five hundred million fight price war, but the price effect is not obvious, then by the end of May Jingdong Hongkong promotion effect is not ideal, after the Group buy Jingdong platform to attract the public have settled down. In June the Jingdong investment held one billion month anniversary big promotion activities, promotion of scale is significant, but the major electricity supplier giants but force sniper Jingdong 618 anniversary. The high-profile Liu Qiangdong too many enemies, resulting in what is now the electricity supplier giant siege force, Jingdong is currently the market situation is relatively passive.

five, QQ online shopping

Tencent electricity supplier has been lukewarm, in May when Tencent electricity supplier business restructuring, Tencent investment >

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