Taobao is now a short search fault Ali said the reason is under investigation

Xinhua science and technology 22, January, the morning of 22, more than Taobao and Tmall users to reflect the search page appears to collapse, including the PC side and the mobile terminal, which are not able to display the search results. Reporter landing Taobao mobile phone APP, enter the router in the search bar, the return page shows no search results, the reporter in the PC end of other search attempts to find the same can not display search results.

mobile terminal fault page

reporter immediately contacted the public relations department of the Alibaba group asked the matter, Ali said they had noticed the problem, is currently troubleshooting.


previously published data show that since 2004, the National People’s network 10 years, spending a total of 42 billion 300 million pen, the 2014 mobile payment number accounted for more than 50%, online shopping and mobile shopping has become an indispensable part of people’s lives. Taobao and Tmall in the annual double 11 period to withstand the huge flow without the collapse of the problem has been talked about.

as of press time reporter, search failures are gradually restored. Ran Xiaoning ()

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