APP’s Secret over 50 million users of the App’s top three features

mobile Internet is hot, it should be started from the outbreak of App, from 05 to 09 years is the comparison of the fire freewap times, App times after germination, 09~11 is the App entrepreneur age, 11~13 years is the rapid development of bat enterprise era, 13 years after the App era is the red sea.

so far, the number of App has been more than 3 million, this data from the author of the company’s spiders crawl data. The number of App a lot, but over 50 million users of App is very small, according to the industry for nearly 10 years of experience, discussion and a group of friends, there are some public data, listed 50 million users of App, there are about 30, see the following list:

, WeChat, QQ, unfamiliar street, High German map, Sina map, micro-blog, tiger, I look up, ireader, ink weather, snapshot two-dimensional code, on the alarm clock, the U.S. grapefruit menstrual assistant, taxi drops, today’s headlines, fishing Master, Iqiyi, Meitu Xiu Xiu, sing, camera360, Taobao, Alipay, Ctrip, 360 guards and public comment, the U.S. group, and 91 desktop, UC browser, QQ browser, Sogou input method, Youku, cool dog, Kingsoft battery doctor……

said the data, the data are hundreds of industry promotion partners selected, at the same time the author also from industry practitioners, marketing experience and feeling, the accuracy rate of over 90%, of course, there may still be missing a few, a conservative estimate of 50 million users of App should reach 40, so I just according to some features of the analysis of App 50 million App.

first feature: enter early, promotion efforts

these 50 million App, which is part of the * * * early App enterprises, such as ink weather, snapshot two-dimensional code, I check, tiger map, palm reading, the team began to do basic App in about 10 years, the number of mobile Internet industry belongs to the grassroots entrepreneurial team, relatively hard. The first is money, once these personnel exchanges and early promotion team, all daily activation volume in about 50 thousand / month or so, the early promotion of App, is still very real, not brush list, not integral wall, mostly brush face to recommend, find the channel, do not give up any small recommendation a, we often together to promote the exchange of experience, early competition plus less, most of the time, the amount is still rising very fast, so after a few years of market precipitation, in 12 years later, this These App are over 50 million, some good push, a long time after the 50 million. So, these App can have 50 million, I think the main reason is to join early, intelligent mobile phone industry started hot, still belongs to the blue ocean, plus the early product point just good, plus early promotion personnel effort.

second features: good platform, drainage in < >

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