An electricity supplier start up company from the establishment of the dissolution of personal exper


I do not know how to describe the mood now, not because the company disbanded, but because the company disbanded, but I do not know where to go next.

in 2011 I started to do some entertainment sites, but just started to learn more ingredients.

made a Sina micro-blog in 2012, earned 10 thousand, when I have a deep love of the internet. Specifically how to make money will be devoted to write articles to share.

2014 switch to Taobao, in June 25 to enter an electricity supplier company, at that time I counted only two men in the company.

at 16.37 p.m. on February 5, 2015 the company announced the dissolution. From the first person to the 5 calendar in February more than 8 months.

I experience: done Baidu SEO, Taobao SEO, micro-blog. Now do WeChat, micro signal sehnzhi. The company is mainly responsible for the operation of Taobao.

first of all, under the framework of our company. An electricity supplier manager, operations, customer service, art copy one. Of course, this is the company in September.

company personnel:

1 manager to play micro business background, their own specialty, sold over a month of thirty thousand. But do not understand Taobao;

2 art, before doing a few months in a company, PS does not have any problems, the action is very good, do things quite deft, just started when the initiative of some difference;

3 customer service, Taobao background does not operate, the entry began learning, in addition, part-time water accounts, express a single print;

4 copy, the first in the Beijing morning news work for two years, the ability to edit the text is pretty good, no contact with the Internet, the company responsible for the work of the text;

5 operations, that is, I own, operating experience is not much, because before doing SEO, October, a month in the heart of the Taobao shop on a drill in the two. Only 1/3 brush single, all other free flow.

company system:

all the system developed by the electricity supplier manager, but often because of unreasonable frequent changes.

company status:

started Fuping persimmon in 2013 the company only Xi’an local market, all of Xi’an’s chain store distribution, with three or four of his own in the super rental shops. So far there is only one image store.

from June, I entered the company, on the one hand responsible for the modification and optimization of Taobao and the site, on the other hand, with the line under the warehouse finishing, delivery, packaging goods. We have our own warehouse in Xi’an, a total of 6 tons of goods store. However, because the line is not selling well, a lot of chain store goods because time can not sell a lot of bad and return. Boss input

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