Ali mother AP open again Taobao usher in spring

e-commerce is rising rapidly, the popularity of online shopping, with statistical taobao.com annual turnover of 15000 + million people, online shopping has come of age. Taobao is a guest on the basis of charging mode, access to Taobao, Tmall through Ali’s mother of Ali website promotion link promotion, users complete the purchase in Taobao through the promotion of your links, you can get promotion commission paid by the seller. From the beginning of the entry, around seventy percent of the webmaster in Taobao guest website, API interface provided by Taobao products to call into their shopping guide website, with its own PID into the link, it is convenient for the user to buy goods.

in 2013 June following the announcement of the attack Ali mother rebate network after the establishment of Taobao customer rating system will not open all the webmaster API, provide different permissions according to the level of. The rules issued, forming an invisible blow for Taobao customers, many owners began to think of another acquisition scheme, due to a variety of data not very precise effect of transformation, Taobao circle station long downturn.

2015 April Ali mother suddenly announced the "Taobao customer base API permissions package" will be fully open for free, as long as the registration promotion site in the Ali Mama, you can have API permission to do commodity package, CPS webmaster this is a boon.

a network of deep cooperation in the sale of grass Taobao guest program www.xiaocaocms.com took the lead in the integration of the new version of API, the following Xiaobian for everyone to demonstrate the advantages of the product under the API.

1, keyword acquisition

keyword input can be directly obtained with the title of the title of the product, you can set the number of collection each time.

2.CID acquisition

CID acquisition is indeed a commodity classification collection, by typing each classification of ID, you can directly classify the goods collected over the rapid filling of your shopping guide website data.

3, commodity screening

API to provide commodity prices, commission ratio to get goods, so that you more accurate selection of goods, more effective access to Gao Yongjin, promotion efforts will not be wasted. This is the market that can not be done by the Taobao commodity collector.

so some users will ask, shopping guide station traffic is high and their own site goods are low commission how to do it? It doesn’t matter, grass Taobao guest program also provides two other money making program.


1, tens of millions of sellers, the seller’s exposure rate is very low, when your guest website normal operations, some companies will find you to help them promote. Grass Taobao customers bring their own business registration system, you can charge the cost of these Tmall or C shop owner, to help them do activities to promote. In accordance with the activities of each subject 10 product location, each merchant charged $2000, not a problem, an activity down

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