Two psychological misunderstandings in marketing

is now doing marketing often have such doubt, why the market has become more and more difficult? Why I painstakingly developed out of the market yet completely useless? And then examined the formation process of the whole market their plan, from the market survey, the customer demand analysis, refining to selling products to determine the overall scheme, communication, no problem ah, should have effect, but why the result is so bleak?

marketing is very particular about the whole work, a successful marketing case, each link it is with very tacit understanding, any link error will lead to complete failure of the entire marketing plan. In this article, I only focus on a problem, is the most basic marketing things, but it is also the most error prone place.

marketing is clear, in the background of modern business environment to customer demand as the center, target customers a sense really is a God, they directly determine your products in the market to survive. The first step in the world to do marketing is to analyze the target customer psychology, only to understand the customer psychology can be targeted in this foundation will be their own products and customer psychology. But many times, many marketers have made a mistake on this issue. Generally speaking, marketing is the easiest to enter the two psychological errors.

the first psychological misunderstanding is the psychological substitution effect, with their own interest, interest, aesthetic and so on instead of the target customer psychology. This is the easiest mistake and is not easy to be aware of, especially for some small companies even more so, because small companies do not have a number of large companies powerful strength, can put third party company to do a market survey to collect objective data integration. As a result, a lot of marketing decisions reflect the psychological substitution effect, I think it should be the case or we think it should be so. Doing marketing, to a certain extent above the station in the market on this market, can not be into any of their own subjective judgment, or when I feel when we feel, this time is already marketing people put themselves in the market crowd, this time it is not a marketing person a real marketing, but the market in a small group of people, only the niche market, the conclusion that psychological, the result, as can be imagined.

on the first psychological misunderstanding on the author is deep, many years ago, I worked in the advertising industry, many in the industry well acclaimed and able to take the prize advertising on the market did not get a good response, in fact, the root of the. When people in the industry in the evaluation of an advertisement, will be their professional and subjective judgment based on the standard, and the entire industry personnel even if the level difference, but overall it is still better than the whole market have more professional. So this means that the evaluation of the difference in the crowd, a good advertising in the advertising industry is judged by the standards of the industry, the market is the target customer standards, these two groups >

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