Use QQ space player to bring huge traffic

as everyone knows, the word "QQ" in Baidu search space is huge, but the one hundred thousand QQ sites in the competition, how much is your record? I think it is almost 0. I now share how I use QQ space player and QQ space free player these two words to bring traffic. Just started to do QQ space factory (www.qqkjc.com) this site, IP is 500, was very silly very naive to think that the new site as long as the main line of the largest flow of words and can. But I paid a great price for my own ignorance. Wasted half a year time flow has remained at around 1200. But I am a person who is a stick, has been updated every day to update the original article, but also opened a QQ space player channel. Finally, the day is not satisfied, one day I suddenly found that the QQ space player the word ran to Baidu’s second page, when the excitement ah. He insisted on one or two months to update the original article, and many of the QQ space station to do friendship connection. (here to explain, as long as you stand more original, others are willing to do links with you)

two months later, my QQ space player and QQ space free player finally came to the Baidu’s second, when the excitement ah. But then my player all call your address, so that it is equal to you do in free to help others, so I had to learn flash, and after two months I can already do simple QQ space player, that is the day I will never forget the life, sleep only four hours a day, adhere to two months, almost in hospital. But I think the hard work is worth it. I put the QQ space factory to add this site inside the player, because my QQ free player to do a good job, I will update a lot of good songs every day, so many people like to use my QQ player. I will use this opportunity to open the group, let people do not understand or love music people have joined the group discussion, if they do not understand, I will be happy to help them to QQ space player code into their space, help them to dress up QQ space. Then a pass ten, ten pass 100 service and I recognized player. Now enter the URL has been greatly exceeded the flow of Baidu. I have more than a dozen groups, all of the users of the browser. I am now very confident to continue.

okay, here it is. I am also a bitter child birth, write this article just want to give the new Adsense a little inspiration, no intention of showing off, master passing by, I will show. Ha-ha。

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