Several methods of website promotion

easy to just get started when doing the wrong website promotion, well, of course to publish the web site out. And to be able to launch the site as much as possible, so that most people see to know your site in order to get more traffic. But this yasumizu the Hanwang world is wrong, which is the first time I do, no experience, start muddleheaded do, one is the positioning of the site is set, but too wide; the two is the site directory hierarchy is too deep, not conducive to SEO, I changed, but the right way, not to change the total, that is the first problem, the second is likely to bring death. So to my site SEO bring great trouble. So the site to promote, SEO also do. So, in order to help the novice, specially arranged my promotion experience, so as to avoid the wrong method:

one, did not build the station or the construction of the station can not be promoted

for website promotion out of you, the user point of view, is still under construction, or see the content is too small, no user needs, and is the home page of the appearance is not good, the first impression will let users find this website is not good, later will not come. This is the template I just started out, there is no content, but also added a website is under construction, the promotion of a few days, fewer and fewer people, I quickly stop the promotion plan. This is my first experience.

two, not in the QQ group email spam


is not to say that we do not send the information, send the appropriate, concealment is not a problem, such as in the QQ group issued an address for everyone to see, in order to increase the flow, we can say that we help to look at this site how to open ah, you can open? (of course this is just me now think of a word, will not work, but you can try. Of course, your language can be a good blow a little better. Do not directly enter a URL, so that others will not open. The first QQ group. The name is not very good, because a lot of garbage site, with the virus. In the QQ group more, many people in the poisoning, everybody is not willing to open, even at this site you, which may bring you the enemy, so this is not long. Can bring some traffic is not much, do not recommend this.

three, search engine you are mainly concerned about Baidu, Google, YAHOO

do you think you ask questions in the QQ group, a lot of people let you Baidu, so Baidu brings is a lot of traffic is followed by Google, Yahoo, because Baidu is China, and input or baidu.com input, so most choose Baidu. Google has a PR value, that may be cancelled, while Sogou sougou rank value and Google PR value is 10:1, so the future may also be useful. But this is just speculation yishui. I’m not saying that you’re going to have other search engines

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