My soft Wen promotion skills

in the promotion of my web site when the wind, I fully use the soft Wen promotion strategy, the wind as a significant contribution to network traffic.

I choose is emotional soft Wen, in the creation of soft Wen, first decided to appear in the beauty of the identity of the network, so I applied in the school network Liu Dandan account (pictured below). As can be seen from the chart in a very short period of time (less than a month), 1542 people have visited, and a large number of messages and dating information.

The first article

I was on the bus that "man chasing me", written on the bus adventure, to humorous tone. Http://club.xiaonei.com/index.php uri=/show_114_549749_1.html


can be seen from the post, the last second is the focus of the full text, all in order to pave the way for this. I watch as the network propaganda hidden in this period of "this is what the investigation of out of order?. I do not want to understand, he lost one: "the results of the investigation, please visit the ‘wind visual’ network, and then the next stop. I am confused, go home to Baidu search the "wind", search out a website, this is certainly. Get a look, is a film and television communication skills and download website, I quickly find ah, his message was found in the announcement, he turned out to be the station, the site can also be done immediately, had a little crush on him, his title is "today is my survey of beauty please." I went to see the description, it is I, he wrote the following summary to me: the beauty I Hello, today’s report has been written, but I have no time on the Internet, please leave your mobile phone number, there are friends will help me to send you." If Baidu search to curious readers can really find this website, authenticity and interest so as to increase the sense of the story. This post has received a large number of messages, the number of visits reached 1386 times, the message of the 109, I am satisfied. I look at the wind as the network statistics, there are a lot of people are from Baidu search wind visual network into. There is a message in the post, but also very interesting, is the site of the good, you must be careful, don’t be fooled, many netizens also asked "what happened, you date?" it can be seen that this advertisement is added in the post is not only unnecessary, but caused the reader’s interest, enhanced interaction between the posts.

like this post if in several forum, the wind as the network traffic has greatly increased, indicating that the light is soft not, there must also be a good cyber source, and forum moderators in various forums such as the relationship, level of identity, have the right to add links to other websites. Have a good network resources is a basic and important way to promote the site.

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