Marketing from the beginning to know yourself to start the show content marketing

in the "fourth chapter" content marketing "unique" you "" in the Ann Handley and C.C.Chapman, the author believes that the television show content marketing operators can give some beneficial enlightenment.


through the Spring Festival evening final winner ARP (network picture)

they stressed: "those who eventually become (show) finalists, who" know who they are "people", "(in any case, you should not content) and competitors, or with anyone else, it should be like you".

, obviously, now many "content marketing" implementation ", do not know who you are, do not know the contents of marketing to achieve what purpose, how to through the means to achieve, it is not possible to do content marketing work.

indeed, in the draft Festival, "those who eventually become (draft show) finalists," not only know what they have, but also know what they want to be".

Most of the

may eventually become finalists "in a professional (such as singing) have some talent, but also love this profession (such as singing), but this alone is not enough, therefore, a few years like a day on their own hobbies, and consciously through years of unremitting with the awareness of learning and training, constantly improve their own talent, makes love to play better, to form their own get a unique shot, and in a smaller range has a certain reputation:" become an expert".

the second draft in such festivals "who eventually become finalists", they know every opportunity for their own are very short and precious — although at home and abroad shows innumerable, in a very low threshold, but for them, the only opportunity for yourself is the most real opportunity that must grasp, otherwise it means out, unable to move forward in the dream stage, to achieve their own "anteriormo Chou no friends, everyone knows you in the world of dreams".

therefore, in the limited time performance, they must take the most can reflect their own style (not only strength) side of the display to the judges, guests and the audience, whether it is original or cover, both wearing or decoration, whether performing content or performing attitude, they are "The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Gexianshentong." details of winning ", and strive to give the audience a completely new experience, demonstrating a unique own.


Xu Guihua

Avenue on the stage of "straw hat sister" (network picture)

, such as "CCTV 2012 avenue of stars finals" in the home hours Zhou Yan

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