The most practical way to promote the seven sites

website promotion, a lot of ways, and according to different types of Web site, the promotion method is not the same, but no matter what kind of. Below I will China aluminum network ( as an example to tell you about the most practical way to promote the site of the seven methods.

first, website optimization method for website optimization, I believe you are not unfamiliar, because no matter in which country, search engines are used quite popular, if you can’t come in the web search engine traffic on it, then your promotion will be a big failure, such as in the US China not from Baidu and Google to flow, so your site is basically no song;

second, forum signature promotion method, you find some of the more popular and can use hyperlinks signed some registered forum members, and then find a good point, attractive post up, then you can increase your links, can also increase website traffic;

third kinds, soft Wen promotion method, this trick is currently used by more people, generally want to write the article is more innovative, attractive, and then in the article to join their web site links;

fourth, Post Bar answering method, also is to some, such as Baidu and Baidu Post Bar know similar website promotion, but when the hair is not too much advertising, otherwise people give you delete immediately, when the problem to find similar suggestions to the content on your site to answer the questions, this brings the flow is effective, good website to have Baidu, ask, QIHOO, YAHOO knowledge and so on, such as our and I often go to answer some questions, then take your site link;

fifth, the blog promotion method, can go to some large blog site set up a blog, and then add more hot group or circle, then to write or publish articles reproduced some of the more attractive to your blog, but you don’t forget to send the article you are promoting your site that must be added to your own site links in the


sixth, Links collection method, we can also through favorites form and with similar sites were Links to promote, the better the favorites have QQ bookmarks, Baidu favorites, Cape of Good Hope and so on, which can improve their site permissions, two can bring some flow, this is a one-way link weights some lower, not much, the weight is big, and Links is a two-way link, can also compare some high weight favorites.

seventh, the software promotion method, one is through QQ, MSN, etc. want to chat software promotion, two can provide free software bundled promotion.

editor comments: Admin5 thank you for your submission, although the methods and views of the article have been seen many times, but taking into account each

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