How to do a good job in small and medium enterprise website SEO marketing

with the rapid development of the Internet, more and more enterprises began to the electronic commerce website, began to use the Internet to carry out network marketing work! But most bosses do not understand how to correctly carry out the network marketing work, but do not know how to do business website SEO optimization


so Xiaobian today to talk about how to do a good job in the small and medium enterprise website SEO Optimization:


1: analysis of user needs

whether it is for a personal site or for a corporate website, in order to carry out SEO optimization work, we first have to analyze our user groups. To analyze what is the biggest demand of our user groups.

our site must be for the majority of users to serve, rather than to meet a small number of users. Only in this way can we maximize the enterprise web site audience, to be able to optimize our work to do a better job SEO!

two: do not compete very big word

competition of the word, of course, can bring us a lot of traffic. But I have to say this word to a certain extent is not accurate enough! Even if we can put these hot words do it, then enter our website users, also because the precision is not enough, resulting in a high bounce rate.

and some popular keywords, we do SEO optimization, then pay the price will be great!

three: select user habits search keywords

this is also very important, when our keywords can be more accurate match to the user’s search term, we will give priority to display in the search results. For example, SEO training which is good and which SEO training good these two keywords.

general user search habits is "SEO training which good, of course a few will search" which SEO training is good, this time when we would go first to choose as our keywords to do articles. Instead of choosing the second key words!

there is a situation in which, when users search for certain keywords, will type some typos, regardless of whether the user is intentional or not, when we observed that when the user in the search industry, so this time, we can get the typos to do content. Because only in this way, I was able to maximize the search and match with the user.

four: do not intercept brand traffic

for some well-known brands in the industry. Often these brands will have a certain amount of search! So this time, some bad business flow to the brand will find a way to cut others. Such a method is very shameful to us.

although those are our competitors, but to win the competition