How to adjust the equity does not hurt the feelings of the partner Here is a business case

Abstract: part-time and full-time problems of common partnership venture equity allocation, equity allocation logic, and are common in Chinese venture partner groups in equity adjustment feelings or face the problem, you have these problems?


On the eve of the Spring Festival

, a previously attended Jane help orange and IT jointly organized the "partnership equity allocation case and practical suggestions" course of entrepreneurs linked to the author, an equity issue consulting partnership venture faces with their friends, also suggested that we carry on the analysis as a classic case, of course we should.


the entrepreneur friends in several BAT class company, he faced problems not only involves the common problems such as part-time and full-time business partnership equity allocation, involving equity allocation logic, and facing the adjustment of stock rights in common China venture partner groups in the emotion or face the problem, is a very typical case of partnership equity Chinese business circle, after the end of his communication to solve problems, we have prepared this article to share with more friends partnership business.

first, the basic situation of the case

copy of the entrepreneur to introduce their own specific circumstances of the original WeChat:

I do a small entrepreneurial projects here, I initiated, and later introduced 2 college students, the 1 colleagues. Now it’s 4 people. I put the share of the very scattered, not the beginning of experience, I think everyone’s contribution is not small, I’m 40%, A college students,, B university students, 18%, C colleagues. Now this project two years of stable income net profit of about 300000, I want to full, but the other three were not full-time, I share full-time after how to operate better? There are a lot of years of classmates and colleagues, do not want to because of the trouble unpleasant."

I have a preliminary idea: the 1 is for my wages, wages and my normal work, 2 is to bet, if I put the company’s net profit to 500 thousand, increase of 10[%] shares to me; if you do 1 million, increase 30% of the shares to me. I wonder if this will be a problem? "

before we start to discuss the technical details, we must first emphasize the logic behind the equity allocation.

two, the logic behind the equity distribution

too many to count entrepreneurs have doubts: how to make a fair and reasonable allocation of equity, venture partners together to go farther? Jane help published a lot of articles, such as "business partnership equity allocation of combat simulation: what are the considerations of equity allocation?".

but the ultimate principle or logic behind is simply: business partner stake needs and value and contribution agreement respectively, and is dynamic; as long as it is true that venture partner equity allocation scheme is fair and reasonable, then the best scheme.