Tencent from millions of one time buyout happy farm

October 12th news, sources said, Tencent and third party social application providers have now reached an agreement, a one-time purchase of the company’s development of popular social games, happy farm".

according to public information, "five minutes" the company officially launched the "happy farm" in November 2008, followed by a staggering speed change red network, tens of thousands of netizens to become conscientious "farmer" — vegetables, food, the friends of the dishes to own house cut.

maximum number of active users more than 16 million people, this year is expected to profit of nearly $3 million.

sources, Tencent has reached an agreement with the five minutes of the company will be a one-time purchase of this hot social game, rumors prices in the millions of yuan. Hongkong Main First Securities Co., Ltd. investment report released last week also showed that Tencent bought the game, and the five minutes of the company does not exist income sharing problem.

at present, the main income of the happy farm are derived from Tencent social platform and Facebook platform, in the proportion of all people and thousands of oaks happy network and other social networking sites authorized income of less than 20%.

Main First believes that Tencent platform will continue to enhance the advantages. Although some applications can not profit in other sites, but Tencent can profit through such projects. The success of the Tencent and the payment system and the social environment (qq COINS) is closely related to the user’s unique QQ. The social environment of QQ enables participants to compete with each other in a virtual network of social relationships.

Main First also estimated that QQ happy farm monthly income of 50 million yuan. At this rate, QQ happy farm will pull the Tencent in third quarter sales growth 3%, 16% growth in revenue and QQ space QQ show.

it is reported that the current access network platform watercress network, a month soared 3 million registered users, almost the first three years of the development of the total number of users watercress. Access part of the third party applications, the industry has also been interpreted as Tencent began to take a semi open attitude, previously, Tencent has insisted not open.

analysts believe that over reliance on large QQ users happy farm, five minutes for the company is not a good thing. Domestic and international social networking sites open platform and business environment is completely different, the domestic social networking sites to take a more open attitude to access third party applications." Analysts said.

In fact,

, including 51.COM and Renren (the former campus network), including social networking sites, in the open attitude and developers have been in conflict. When the popular application of the third party developers are welcome, some social networking sites are often independent development, alternative to the application of the third party. These actions also allow China’s third party developers helpless.

compared to domestic and foreign social giant Facebook>

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