On the social calendar website Upcoming founder shut down after the acquisition by YAHOO Bianwei


Upcoming.org social calendar website screenshots, it was in the fire, after the acquisition of YAHOO but could not escape the fate of the closure.

YAHOO announced on Friday it will close six services, including social calendar website Upcoming.org. Upcoming founder Andy · biozone (Andy Baio); subsequently published a blog post that the YAHOO deal, Upcoming will be closed sooner or later; and revealed to YAHOO has repeatedly proposed repurchase request, but was refused. He also pointed out that in fact he left YAHOO since 2007, Upcoming has been seriously sour, rubbish information gathering.

below is the full text of the article:

YAHOO finally decided to close Upcoming.org. The social calendar service has accompanied me for 10 years, but in the end, YAHOO still adhering to the company consistent style — did not send a notice, did not provide a backup solution — hastily announced it would shut down the service in 11 days.

I know it’s a matter of time before YAHOO’s new strategy, Upcoming, is closed, but it’s still a very sad day. A few months ago, the draft already exist in my computer folder, only YAHOO officially released the Upcoming death obituary". Today, I finally released this article.

stale Upcoming

the past 5 years have been difficult for Upcoming. Since 2007, Gordon · Luke (Gordon Luk), Leonard · (Leonard Lin); Lin and I left the Upcoming, the site started to fall apart. Since then, along with a series of revisions, Upcoming social attributes of fame gradually reduced until it was completely eliminated. Fortunately, the revision of destruction but also did not forget to add "Beta" logo (test).

in 2009, Upcoming has become a place for people to launch promotional activities and send spam (and in the first two years of the creation of Upcoming, the use of the service for self marketing are not allowed).

is helpless, there is no other service to replace the declining Upcoming. Potential rivals Plancast and Going put up the shutters; the other sites did not even make the spontaneous growth of the community; and some other services are only partially covers the function of Upcoming, including private events, Facebook Songkick concert and Lanyrd fantastic meeting polymerization function.

but these services are of no help to me >

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