Pass tudou com was ordered to shut down for rectification indefinitely

[IT] Sohu news (text / wind) the afternoon of March 6th, the media said tudou.com because of alleged dissemination of pornographic and other services by the SARFT issued recently ordered to indefinitely shut down for rectification, to watch for.

the news that the direct cause of tudou.com and CCTV to suspend cooperation is SARFT told Shanghai City, SARFT issued "punishment tudou.com illegal audiovisual services in the Internet Guantingling".   the notice pointed out that tudou.com suspicion of pornography and other prohibited broadcast content, and in the video industry "new regulations" after the enactment of this regulation is still inadequate, recently ordered indefinitely shut down for rectification, to watch for.

Sohu IT and potatoes marketing department responsible person, the person in charge is being held, did not respond to the matter.

in addition, Sohu IT found that as of press time, the potato network can still be normal to open and use, there is no evidence of any kind of announcement on the potato network page will outage rectification.

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