nterview with Taobao Earn Taobao SEOer will be a popular career rise

                                            Taobao earned: one meter


Hello, welcome to Admin5 interview room, we invited the Taobao webmaster to earn one meter, Taobao earned mainly Taobao SEO and Taobao SEO research training, Taobao currently earn nearly 2000 VIP members, affecting nearly a million Taobao entrepreneur, has become an important force in the development of the industry. Please tell us about how the Taobao SEO is done!

Admin5 editor: a meter teacher, welcome to the Admin5 interview room, please give us a Hello, introduce yourself and the site!

a meter: Hello! I am a good host! I am the owner of the Taobao forum, I call one meter, the whole name of the grand. Taobao earned Entrepreneurship Forum was founded in August 2010, has been committed to the study of Taobao entrepreneurship. We made the first set of the Internet is the only set of Taobao SEO system tutorial, a pioneer in the Taobao SEO industry. We have developed two important industry standard, 32 gold, 22 quasi heavy, the two golden rules has become an important standard of Taobao SEO industry, some trainers are used as the core as the training content, helping people break Taobao traffic bottleneck. I also had the honor to accept the interview with Taobao University, became the only one on the Taobao University [celebrity interview] Taobao SEO trainer.

Taobao has earned nearly 2000 VIP members, the impact of nearly a million entrepreneurs, Taobao has become an important force in the development of the industry. Last year we spent more than half a year, developed a "Taobao keyword mining crazy secret", make "the Taobao keywords make high density screening," secret "Taobao SEO", "Taobao flow blasting cheats make train competitors," 30 minutes "seckill cheats trick" cracked product selection…… Let the learners get an immediate effect, mastered these skills you become a top Taobao.

Admin5 editor: a meter teacher, you have a long time to study Taobao SEO, then Taobao SEO and site SEO, the biggest difference in what they have the same?

M: SEO Chinese called search engine optimization, at present we have been used to search information online search engines, such as Baidu, Google, Taobao search, etc.. Each search engine has its own search ranking rules

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