Love to help network officially on the live search first case of appeal

Tencent Francisco November 26th morning news, yesterday has confirmed that a trial of net love a band "Live Search" the first case of the decision, a formal appeal to the Beijing first intermediate people’s court.

love network that the court of first instance for the band to stop using related to review the contents of judgment, lack of full understanding of the new band vertical search technology, to confuse the concept of search engine and general reproduced, hinder the development of the search engine industry, therefore decided to appeal.

net love a band in the complaint said, love to provide users with a search engine service, show only reviews information abstract, content is not complete, the purpose is to allow users to understand the information search and comment to the desired result is consistent, if you want to view the complete review information, still need to click on the source web page to get. This display follows a search engine with a link to a search results page summary of the model, in full compliance with the general principles of the industry and the relevant laws and regulations.

Question problem is to review information copyright

that works on networks for love, does not belong to the copyright law, review the content itself does not enjoy copyright. The appeal that life review content is subjective evaluation after consumption, duplicate or similar content lack of originality, meet the eye everywhere, but also not literary, artistic and scientific achievements in the field of human intelligence. filed a lawsuit to the people’s Court of Haidian District in April 2008, citing the comments of the website that content in life love to help network search results, copyright infringement requires love to help network removed related web pages.

10 months, Haidian people’s court verdict, dismissed the to help woo apology petition, the amount of compensation is reduced from 200 thousand yuan to 30 thousand of the plaintiff’s claim, and ordered to stop the use of love reviews content.

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