2012 Discuz Application development contest excellent application recommended in the third quarter

webmaster friends, after the "2012 outstanding application recommendation application contest" in the first quarter, the second quarter, Xiao Bian again screened a number of comments from the application by webmaster introduced to everyone, hope to help the webmaster friends a helping hand. The third installment of the application is still recommended for four models, but also the application of the award winning application oh ~

No.1 imitation game chat system]


use scenarios: users visit the site for instant communication

site requirements: users want to have a more convenient and more interesting way of communication


plugin highlights: the shape and design modeled using the popular network chat in the game, and at the same time can be divided into several chat channel system, each channel system in chat mode are different and scope.

specific highlights are as follows:

1, the use of P2P, can support thousands of people online at the same time. Do not waste any server resources;

2, imitation game under the left corner of the chat system, with the current, world, behavior, system channel function;

3, the current channel: you can see the same page of all users to speak (such as home page, the same section, the same theme, etc.);

4, world channel: speech can be seen by everyone, but in this channel need to consume a certain amount of speech.

Xiaobian comments: Xiaobian has pro test, the new forum chat, to attract more users to interact, increase user activity.

advantages: chat style lively, diverse channels, strong interaction.

disadvantages: in the use of the channel, the lack of appropriate user guidance, the initial use or did not play online games users may not be easy to start.

recommendation: assumes to

imitation game chat system download address: @onez_gamechat.plugin

No.2 [activity registration center]


usage scenario:

when the site is organized

site requirements: the site will often organize some activities, by members to participate in, and the existing activities can not fully meet the requirements of the post function


plugin of Discuz as a function of the theme! The built-in enhancement plug-in, based on the original theme, adding some new and more practical functions, such as: activity status, classification, registration, user incentives, albums and other activities.


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