November China’s domain name registration reached 460 thousand

December 25th, the Ministry of industry and information technology website announced in November China’s domain name and IP address to apply for the latest data:

as of November 30, 2009, China’s Internet domain name and IP address statistics: CN domain name is 13 million 680 thousand, the number of Chinese domain name is 460 thousand; IPv4 address number is 227 million; IPv6 address number is 63 (/32). In November 2009 589 thousand new CN domain name, the domain name Chinese added 36 thousand; 8 million 200 thousand new IPv4 address, IPv6 address increment 0 (/32).

it is understood that the global ICANN (ICANN) in October 30th to discuss South Korea Seoul meeting of the countries and regions of multilingual domain name (IDN ccTLD) fast track application process, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in November 16th on behalf of Chinese apply to ICANN ". Chinese" suffix Chinese domain, is expected to including the Chinese domain name, multilingual domain name will be the first investment in the middle of 2010. This is responsible for China’s Internet domain name, address and other resources management and international coordination of government agencies, the Ministry of Telecommunications Authority in the announcement, first announced the number of registered domain name Chinese in China reached 460 thousand.

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