Civilink respond to alleged disclosure of customer information about international practice

January 7th news, according to media reports all suspected of leaking user personal information about the network, said in a statement, the domain name registration information provided to the public service based on whois query is a common practice in the international community.

The following is the original statement:



statement about Chinese million net domain information service


ICANN (International ICANN) and CNNIC (Chinese Internet Network Information Center) partners, Chinese million net according to ICANN promulgated "whois" regulations promulgated and query service for the Ministry of industry and information technology "China Internet domain name management approach", "the normal performance of the Registrar to public domain registration information". Based on the whois services to the public to provide domain name registration information query, is a common practice of the international community, but also all the domain name registration services for many years to provide consistent service. Chinese nets also absorbs the part of the customer comments and suggestions, and actively invest resources to provide more quality domain name query, domain name registration and domain name information protection of value-added services to our customers.

Chinese nets




ICANN "whois query service" in the public domain name registration information translation:

whois services provide public access to registered domain name data, including the current domain name holder contact information. Domain name registration to collect the registration information, as well as the foregoing information can be used in the ICANN method for the development of the top-level domain name of the provisions of the agreement. For example, ICANN requires the registration authority to collect and free to the public to provide the name of the registered domain name, the domain name server and registrar, domain name registration date, expiration date, the registered domain name holder contact information, contact and contact management technology.

ICANN whois query service in the public domain name registration information on the original:

WHOIS services provide public access to data on registered domain names, which currently includes contact information for Registered Name Holders. The extent of registration data collected at the time of registration of a domain name, and the ways such data can be accessed, are specified in>

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