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Tanabata Valentine’s day yesterday, it seems that the WeChat team is not busy with the festival, but on the line of WeChat circle of friends advertising official website.

shoulder the responsibility for the realization of WeChat’s circle of friends advertising business, the official website design is very simple. In addition to introducing the advantages of WeChat’s circle of friends advertising and cooperation cases, the official website of the focus of the WeChat circle of friends advertising cooperation process, but did not give a detailed list of the price of advertising.

circle of friends for the advantages of advertising, WeChat team with 12 words to summarize – precise touch, social interaction, hundreds of millions of coverage". WeChat hundreds of millions of users of natural needless to say, accurate touch up is the advertising circle of friends Slogan "core part of advertising is life of social interaction emphasizes the interaction and communication between WeChat friend chain based.


case demonstrates WeChat key advertising content nine partners, mainly for the "energy-saving" film, mobile phone vivo, Infiniti, Vanke, jewelry brand PIAGET, Jiangsu TV, Coca-Cola, KFC and Lancome cosmetics brand. As a representative of different industries, these nine ads cover different types of consumer.


as the most important part of the official website, WeChat team details the 5 processes of advertising cooperation. Including mail application, pre preparation, program audit, program implementation and tracking results. The five steps are as follows:

1, e-mail applications, manufacturers need to download the "WeChat circle of friends advertising application form";

2, want to apply to become the owner of the manufacturers need to open the WeChat public number in advance, and apply for WeChat certification, the final completion of the advertisers, only qualified;

3, manufacturers need to submit their own WeChat circle of friends advertising design, WeChat aspects of advertising display has a strict copy, picture design requirements. Copy:

copy text not more than 40 words

copy style recommendations: friends cordial tone, simple and not simple

text can not have URL, no special characters

copy associated with the picture, and the details page Association

4, after the early audit program standards, advertisers need to be based on programs and norms, HTML5 page development. After the advertiser has modified the HTML5 page BUG, the WeChat ad team provides the final code, and the ad enters the pre deployment phase.

5, the circle of friends on the line advertising, advertisers can view the public in the background of the advertising management area of advertising data. The data includes two aspects:

1) advertising data can be monitored in real time.

2) after the end of the overall effect of this advertisement >

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