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Tmall CEO Zhang Yong

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November 15th news, Alibaba e-commerce judgment is that B2B or B2C is a surface phenomenon, will eventually go to C2B." Tmall President Zhang Yong has said so before the double eleven. And after eleven, when we are concerned about Tmall’s double record turnover of eleven, Tmall President Zhang Yong is willing to talk about some of the more advanced C2B pre-sale mode.

Zhang Yong of C2B is defined as: to the zero inventory under the condition of the first sales and efficient supply chain organization, or the supply chain organization has been completed, must be determined according to the arrangement of production sales.

in the eyes of Zhang Yong, he is very optimistic about the pre-sale mode, which is also consistent with Ali’s strategic direction. We hope that by this year’s double eleven to launch a prototype of our understanding of the C2B model, is the pre-sale, Zhang Yong said.

and eleven in this year, Tmall has started the C2B test.

"this year’s pre-sale six models (clothes) in the pre-sale, in" double eleven "before the close, less than a month’s time, we only have a sample, we through the Tmall sale platform, there are two models sold more than 20 thousand pieces, we didn’t start the goods……" Amoy brand Yin man chairman Fang Jianhua said.

Tmall pre-sale commodity prices from the deposit and the tail of two parts, at this stage is divided into the ladder price and non price ladder in two forms. The pre-sale price ladder, the price can be ordered according to the number of different order number, the lower the price, the final sale price according to the final order number to decide, after the end of the pre-sale commodity display page pre-sale price. Non price ladder of the pre-sale of goods, the price is fixed, namely commodity price.

, however, Zhang Yong also admitted that, in this model, for all businesses and industries generated shock, so far far greater than the shock generated by consumers.

In this year,

tried this mode of Fang Jianhua said, this is a good solution to our previous model, may the traditional retail sales model, through the agent ordering, but according to the customer’s demand and consumer demand, to make some changes.

however, Amoy brand to support this model, perhaps people do not feel surprised. Perhaps, as Zhang Yong said, "1111 shopping carnival, is just a test, we found that the use of the Internet, can aggregate consumption, guide and stimulate consumption, this is the 1111 to us and the entire industry."

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