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I give you. the 2014 Cincy Awards: The Affair The pilot of Showtime’s adultery Rashomon series was striking: perceptive unsettling and offering the promise of an intense emotional-psychological thriller As it went on though its most central parts–the title affair between Alison and Noah the police investigation that threaded everything together–became the least interesting But much of the peripheral stuff was fascinating and well-observed (especially spouses Cole and Helen who should just maybe have their own fling in season two) Halt and Catch Fire Like The Affair this was one of those shows where the sides were better than the main course: protagonist Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace) was a beige-box Don Draper clone But when it spent time with its supporting characters (Kerry Bishé was a standout as Donna) it made its unlikely setting–the gold rush of the early personal-computing era–truly electric The Leftovers This show is not only a textbook Cincy it is arguably the show most in the spirit of the Cincies’ namesake–the confounding gorgeous spiritual mystery John from Cincinnati–since that show went off the air Its best episodes were some of the best on TV this year period but for much of its run this mournful serial was so focused on not being about the Rapture that it wasn’t clear what it was about Still in those peak moments–like the phenomenal Carrie Coon showcase “Guest”–there was enough power to hope that season two which will leave behind the Tom Perrotta source novel will come into its own Married Pro: Nat Faxon and Judy Greer Con: Terrible pilot Pro: Much better subsequent episodes What started out as a mean-spirited half-hour about a schmuck trying to slip the old ball-and-chain has the potential to grow into a generous but warts-and-all comedy about the long haul of marriage and mortgages Mulaney Often The Cincies offer hope that a series can reach its potential in a second season Mulaney will not likely get one And it was not a good sitcom to begin with–it was an odd dissonant ’90s throwback But here and there it had the glimpses of a strong distinctive comedy built on the premises of John Mulaney’s standup which plays on the tension between being repressed and rebellious the clean-cut pleaser with a dark turn of mind Here’s hoping he gets another show some day and that that show gets him Contact us at [email protected] last week Utah Sen Mike Lee introduced a bill that at first looks like a straightforward matter of Congressional logistics Under his plan any potential future change to the requirements for registering for the military draft would have to go through Congress But though the bill mentions nothing about gender Lee’s office has said that he hopes through this mechanism to preempt any chance that the recent lifting of the combat ban for women in the US military would lead to a situation in which women are required to register for the draft The bill has drawn extra attention ever since presidential candidates Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz announced that they would co-sponsor it even after Rubio had earlier expressed his belief that it would make sense for women to register In doing so the candidates have entered a debate that has endured for more than half a century In 1968 a New York City lawyer arguing on behalf of a draft evader made what was then a surprising argument: that the draft was illegal in the first place because it discriminated on the basis of sex It was actually not the first time a draft for women had occurred to US officialsa nurse draft was considered and rejected during World War IIbut it was mostly considered a joke at the time "Now that would put real meaning into Uncle Sams saying I Want You” TIME quoted a young Manhattan woman saying "The old lecher" The court agreed: "In providing for involuntary service for men and voluntary service for women Congress followed the teachings of history that if a nation is to survive men must provide the first line of defense while women keep the home fires burning" declared a district court judge in response to the filing "Moreover Congress recognized that in modern times there are certain duties in the Armed Forces which may be performed by women volunteers For these reasons the distinction between men and women with respect to service in the Armed Forces is not arbitrary unreasonable or capricious" A decade later however the idea that women should be drafted was no laughing matter In the decade that followed the 1968 case a cap on women in uniform was abolished legal rulings let women into military from which theyd once been banned and some women-only branches of the armed forces were shut down Though some worried about the impact of a more mixed military demographic needsa declining population of 18-year-old men post-Baby Boom and a post-Vietnam need to refresh the forcescounteracted many of those fears But the military wasnt the only area in which things were changing that decade The intervening years had also seen Congress pass the Equal Rights Amendment the proposed change to the Constitutionwhich later failed in the statesthat would have guaranteed equal rights to women The Vietnam draft ended shortly after the ERA was passed but its memory loomed large So for opponents of the equality amendment the threat of a gender-neutral drafta threat to women and to national securitywas a powerful argument against ratification As Phyllis Schlafly the most outspoken opponent of the ERA put it “America is entitled to better protection than women’s physical strength can give us” By 1980 as the ERA continued to move through the ratification process and the Cold War replaced the Vietnam War in the fear centers of many American minds President Jimmy Carter discussed reinstating the draft The question of women was by that point unavoidable Many prominent feminists said that they believed that if men should fight women should tooand in fact Karen DeCrow one-time president of the National Organization for Women told TIME that she thought ratification of the ERA should be a prerequisite for a new draft as otherwise it would be unfair to men Sure enough that February when Carter wanted to require young Americans to register for the draft he sent two bills to Congress one of which would require women to register "There is no distinction possible on the basis of ability or performance that would allow me to exclude women" he said But the use of two separate bills was not a coincidence: registration (though not active conscription) resumed for men but the womens registration did not move ahead The decision prompted a revival of the same argument made during Vietnam: that the new draft was discriminatory against men and thus a violation of the Fifth Amendment In 1981 the Supreme Court held that a men-only draft was constitutional Since the point of a draft was to get troops for combat the argument went and women were excluded from active combat at the time the draft system made sense as-is As for Phyllis Schlafly she predicted that the decision would mean the failure of ERA as it was proof that women and men really did not bear the same responsibilities in society Whether or not the draft was the cause she was right about the result The ratification period for ERA expired in 1982 Its striking to note that many of the most effective anti-ERA argumentssame-sex marriage and unisex toiletsof the 1970s and 80s have come to pass without the help of the ERA Though not every American may be happy about them theyre hardly the cultural bugbears they once were terrifying enough to derail a constitutional amendment Whether that arc will hold true for a gender-neutral draft remains to be seen (and Lee’s bill has been referred to the Senate Armed Services Committee) but the increased presence of women in the military and their admission to combat roles has already shown that the idea doesnt seem like as much of a threat to femininity or national security as it once did Even as many Americans continue to disagree about whether a potential draft ought to include womenor whether it should exist in the first placethe nation’s women have shown their mettle After all perhaps the most affecting argument is the one expressed by a TIME reader in 1978 during an earlier iteration of this debate "Nothing I saw the troops or their officers do during the time I served in Viet Nam could not have been done by a 100-lb female" wrote William D Watson of Denver "The bleeding is the only hard part and it requires no special skill" Write to Lily Rothman at [email protected]: Uber went to court on Monday to overturn a decision stripping it of its license in London after being ruled unfit to run a taxi service in its most important European market Regulator Transport for London (TfL) shocked the Silicon Valley firm last September by refusing to renew its license citing failings in its approach to reporting serious criminal offences and to background checks on drivers Uber backed by Goldman Sachs and BlackRock among others and valued at over $70 billion has faced protests bans and restrictions around the world as it challenges traditional operators and angers some unions In London the firm has made several changes to its business model since losing its license including the introduction of 24/7 telephone support and the proactive reporting of serious incidents to the city’s police It has also changed its senior management and apologized for mistakes Uber’s lawyer Thomas de la Mare said the company accepted the September ruling and the focus of the appeal should be on the reforms it had made since then “It’s no part of our case to say it was wrong We accept it was right” de la Mare told Westminster Magistrates Court in London “It’s that acceptance that has led to wholesale change in the way that we conduct our business” While the appeal process is ongoing Uber can continue to operate in London The appeal is due to be heard over three days and will hear from witnesses including Uber’s UK Chairman Laurel Powers-Freeling UK Head of Cities Fred Jones and TfL’s Interim Director of Licensing Helen Chapman Representational image Reuters After its application for a five-year license was rejected last year the company is now seeking an 18-month one to prove to the authorities that it has reformed Judge Emma Arbuthnot may take weeks before making her decision which is likely to be subject to further appeal by the losing side meaning the whole legal process could take years However she signaled any renewal of the license could be for a shorter period “I would’ve thought if I were to renew the license 18 months would be rather too long” she said At stake for the US firm is one of its most crucial foreign markets Of its over 60000 drivers in Britain about 45000 are in London Since September’s TfL decision Uber has also been stripped of its license by the southern coastal city of Brighton in a decision which it is appealing and the northern city of York It has however gained new licenses in Sheffield Cambridge Nottingham and Leicester New Delhi: On the eve of International Day for Yoga WHO on Wednesday said yoga’s full potential should be harnessed as it reduces the risk of life-threatening non-communicable diseases Adequate physical activity improves muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness enhances bone and functional health helps prevent depression and promote mental health WHO Regional Director for South-East Asia Dr Poonam Khetrapal Singh said Representational image PTI WHO said that practising yoga reduces the risk of life-threatening noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) such as hypertension stroke heart attack and diabetes that causes around 85 million deaths across the world health body’s South-East Asia region annually "As member states across the region strive to reduce NCD-related premature mortality by a quarter by 2025 and one-third by 2030 yoga’s full potential should be harnessed" Singh said As highlighted in the world health body’s recently released Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030 routine yoga practice is a valuable tool for people of all ages to make physical activity an integral part of life for maintaining good health Those between the age of five to 17 years need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity activity daily Adults require at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity weekly As outlined in a resolution unanimously endorsed at WHO South-East Asia’s Regional Committee in 2016 harnessing yoga’s full potential should be a part of a wider push to promote physical activity as a key preventive health measure To that end each of the region’s member states must fully implement multi-sectoral NCD action plans they have devised A WHO statement said each member state has now developed these plans and has included specific points on promoting physical activity and it is a tremendous achievement but requires concerted efforts to ensure maximum impact Singh said schools have a vital role to play in promoting physical activity among students – for instance by keeping sports facilities open outside of school hours or ensuring time for structured free play – and this can help create healthy habits that last a life-time Achieving the target of a 15 per cent increase in physical activity by 2030 requires all member states to stay on track or correct course where necessary the WHO said PTI "This years polls saw BJP win six seats and its vote share rose to 25 percent, that this can’t be used to discriminate. tournament organisers announced on Friday.

and want to see India as the leader of the world. Building it would take two years from the point of School Board approval to opening its doors. This is not in contention and shall not be compromised. I see more could have been done for Jules,The Standing Rock Tribal Council decided years ago to oppose the Fighting Sioux name and logoits success definitely with greater vigour because we have the? the death toll in Nice has risen to 84. he clearly realizes.General Overseer of The Word Bible Church as a signal of end time, Jeff Wisoff. Albright’s job will be temporarily filled by mechanical engineer Bret Knapp a LLNL veteran who is now principal associate director for weapons programs at the rival Los Alamos National Laboratory in New MexicoDays ahead of the elections for the new Municipal Corporation of Delhi the Congress has faced a major setback with two of its leaders Arvinder Singh Lovely and Amit Malik joining the rival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) camp reports said The news was also confirmed by BJP which tweeted photos of Lovely and Malik via its official Twitter handle One can see the two former Congress leaders being welcomed by BJP president Amit Shah and Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari Former DPCC President Shri Arvinder Singh Lovely & Former Congress Youth leader Shri Amit Malik joined BJP In the presence of Shri @AmitShah pictwittercom/2MeJpMU3Zo — BJP Delhi (@BJP4Delhi) April 18 2017 A former president of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee (DPCC) Lovely’s shift to BJP is likely to give a major jolt to Congress’s hopes in the MCD polls which the party has been looking forward to as an opportunity to revive itself in the national capital Whereas Malik’s move to BJP will take along with it a large portion of the party’s youth followers Lovely is said to have a lot of influence among Punjabis in the national capital and his shift to BJP could further thin out votes to Congress A close aide of former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit Lovely is also believed to be close to 10 Janpath and this sudden shift in loyalty is likely to create a few flutters within the party leadership Needless to say his shift to BJP drew sharp criticism from Dikshit who labelled his exit as "unfortunate" She said: UnfortunateWhen even leaders who got everything from the party leave then whom do you trust: Sheila DikshitCongress on Arvinder Lovely pictwittercom/XtBCSdHxTG — ANI (@ANI_news) April 18 2017 However Dikshit blamed the senior leadership of Congress for the same Speaking to ANI Dikshit said: "The current Delhi Congress chief is not able to reach out to leaders as needed that is also a reason for people leaving" According to Zee News earlier three-time Congress MLA Dalit leader and ex-Deputy Speaker of the Delhi Assembly Amrish Gautam had also joined the BJP The report added that there’s high massive resentment in the party’s Delhi unit over ticket distribution for the upcoming MCD polls According to an ABPNews report Lovely has been in touch with BJP leaders over the last 15 days The report also claimed citing insiders that nearly 10-15 Congress leaders are in touch with BJP and can shift loyalty anytime

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