Happy net 1 billion to founder with 118 million cash out

happy net parent company Time passed by and life changed., Kaixinren information eventually at a price of 1 billion listed companies to race for the intelligent.

smart race October 13th announcement that the company intends to issue shares and a cash payment, the price of 1 billion 85 million yuan, the purchase of the north shore of Xinyu, Zhou Bin, Cheng Binghao, Gyalo investment, investment, Jia Zhi Fu Peng Hong Xiang holds 100% stake in information of happy people.

at the same time, the game will not raise the intelligence of more than 540 million yuan of matching funds for the payment of the cash consideration of the transaction, the company’s IP authorized use and game development and construction projects.

Cheng Binghao with $47 million 400 thousand in cash and stock departure

in July of this year, the demolition of happy people have been listed for the United States to build the structure of the VIE, founder and CEO Cheng Binghao happy person also announced his resignation in July 21st, the actual controller of the.


announcement, Cheng Binghao trading on the price of 118 million yuan, it will receive 47 million 400 thousand yuan in cash and 5 million 430 thousand shares of stock.



however, the announcement shows that Cheng Binghao is not the actual income. Cheng Binghao is a happy person in addition to the shareholders of the information, or happy people the largest shareholder of information – Xinyu north shore shareholders. At the same time, Kaiyuan – Teng letter Technology Co. Ltd. of Xinyu North Cheng Binghao or corporate shareholders.


thus, the actual income of Cheng Binghao than announcements to.


, Zhou Bin, on the north shore of Xinyu Kaixinren information in 2016, 2017 promises, 2018 and 2019 consolidated financial statements after deducting non recurring gains and losses attributable to owners of the parent company net profit of the lower number of not less than 73 million yuan, 93 million yuan, 116 million yuan, 140 million 750 thousand yuan.

if the actual net profit is lower than the promised net profit, while Zhou Bin, on the north shore of Xinyu will be in accordance with the "issue of shares and payment of cash to buy assets agreement" and "profit forecast compensation agreement" agreement of share and cash compensation.

happy network is not a social platform

Kaixinren information officially founded in 2008, due to the introduction of "grab spaces" steal food "and other games and maxed network, there have been brilliant up to 500% user growth rate, with the happy network now No one shows any interest in stark contrast.

may be happy to rise and fall of the Internet is just a small episode in the Internet industry changes, but still with frustration and thin cool.

said many senior friends remember happy net of the event, was also set up to steal food after midnight, and the parking lot at the same time, alarm clock, social entrepreneurs and practitioners.