mportant information Please webmaster foreign space purchasing fraud

due to the occurrence of similar incidents, so I would like to remind you webmaster. Pay attention to the purchase of foreign space embankment liar. The latest case is:

such a liar trick and steps:

1 Taobao cheap foreign space.

2 foreign space allows free trial time of 30 days.

3 crooks will sell this space to the webmaster.

4 when the space is less than 30 days, the liar to foreign space providers to refund the space. Foreign business space refund fraud.

5 so the space of the stationmaster is retracted.

6 Alipay has paid the money to cheat, unable to recover the money.


7 does not support virtual goods transactions.

method for preventing such deception is:

1 don’t be cheap.

2 to find a reputable foreign space purchasing, buying foreign space.

3 directly through the foreign space providers to buy, not through purchasing.

4 recommendations do not need too much, it is the choice of domestic credit, the strength of the space to buy.