Ali to solve the problem of funds unfamiliar street privatization break

takes stock of Unfamiliar Street shares on Wednesday rose sharply to 34%, with today’s low inflation is already higher than in April 1st rose 60%, the volume has been enlarged, investors once again look unfamiliar street because of the stagnant privatization finally have a clear direction, major shareholders of Alibaba unfamiliar street group joined private buyer group financial problems plagued before the privatization of the unfamiliar street will be solved, Ali also take advantage of strengthening the layout in the social field.


unfamiliar street privatization has been trapped in the case of Ali after the privatization of capital injection will accelerate

In fact,

from the Alibaba group vice president Cai Chongxin in March to join the board of directors of an unfamiliar street, you can see the probability of marriage of the Alibaba group and unfamiliar street increase, unfamiliar street price is rising gradually from the lows of February, but the official documents released to determine Ali group joined the privatization of the buyer group to dispel the concerns of investors think more, arbitrage funds to buy unfamiliar street in the United States listed stocks, just let the unfamiliar street one day rose 34% performance. The privatization price of unfamiliar street previously announced $18.90 in February 11th, intraday stock price fell to 52 week low of $6.72, up 181% from the arbitrage space, unfamiliar street announced privatization has been in the past six months, but the market believes that the unfamiliar street cannot raise sufficient funds to complete the privatization transaction, the existence of such a large space and no arbitrage people are willing to buy. Unfamiliar street today’s closing price of $16.31, the arbitrage space narrowed to 15.8%, the market has been considered as Ali group to join the privatization of the buyer group, unfamiliar street may be reached in the near future privatization agreement.

Ali group that previously large shareholders holding 20% shares of the unfamiliar street, had coveted dominance biggest rival Tencent in the social market, tried to holding unfamiliar street, but unfamiliar street or the choice of independent development. But after things unfamiliar street in the United States listed the first half successful privatization are changed, the privatization of unfamiliar street striking one snag after another plan, once completed privatization in February 2016, August demolition of VIE architecture, 2017 listed on the A shares, but because the problem of repurchase funds, unfamiliar street private no progress until February, in the crash of February which is unfamiliar street price, the market believes that the privatization may fail. The cruel reality forced unfamiliar street privatization buyer group to try another path, even if the Tang rock or other shareholders are not willing to, finally into the Ali camp, who let Ali group ostentatious, critical time or money to say. At present, the fate of unfamiliar street there are three possibilities:

1 unfamiliar street company CEO Tang Yan and other investors to obtain bridge funds Ali support the completion of privatization, after still independent development, as Ali weapons Tencent social constraints.

2 unfamiliar street company completed the privatization, kept relatively independent, but more closely linked with ALI, Ali, to make up deficiencies in the social field, get Ali resources unfamiliar street you can have a corresponding product in the business and shopping areas. < >