Fool’s Day is approaching careful social networking sites are tricky virus

fool’s Day is approaching, how many people? The recent spoof website related network forum traffic rising. Yesterday, rising company released "the privacy of Internet users and social networking sites (SNS) safety report (2009)", aiming at the popular social networking site user security warnings. The report pointed out that after the registered users personal information on social networking sites, it is vulnerable to leaks, MSN mobile phone number and email account password stolen by seven security risk, and use a variety of ways to cheat the users personal information for profit, has become an important source of profits to social networking sites.

Kingsoft Cloud Security Center released the same day the virus warning to remind the majority of users, or others at the same time, be careful of the hands of hackers "chicken", was messed with.

according to industry estimates, in large and medium cities in the 15 to 30 year old Internet users, more than 95% will register one or several social networking sites, so it brings security risks, personal privacy risk is very serious. According to foreign media reports, at present, including foreign social networking site MySpace account, Facebook account and other information, can be bought on the black market, the price of individual accounts according to the active level, degree of perfection from a few cents to a few dollars. Under the coordination of the European Commission, including Youtube, YAHOO (Europe), MSN, Myspace and Facebook, including 17 social networking sites recently signed an agreement to protect minors in Luxemburg.

In addition to

users to improve self-awareness, rising security experts suggested that social networking industry should take the initiative to carry out self-discipline, can not only see the violation of user privacy bring short-term benefits, to maintain long-term healthy development of the industry.


Jinshan also suggested that the majority of users, the installation of professional Internet browsing the web security software that can prevent each other, without affecting the normal browsing of users, to prevent hanging horse website and virus websites, phishing and other malicious web site, a full range of Internet users to solve the safety problems.