Lao Xie soft Wen promotion skills

Xie I wrote so many years soft, there are now many webmaster asked me Laoxie soft Wen promotion skills, today I talk to ADMIN5, soft Wen is a form of advertising, but is not the naked propaganda their products or website, but take a tortuous way to express, such as writing. There are two kinds of description and narrative methods, advertising is equivalent to the equivalent of the soft part of expository narrative, some soft Wen also take the form of poetry, prose like ah.

with 1 links on your website, can increase the chain, but not every article needs to take chain, barely chain, others will easily find it is soft, but the link can guide the search engine to crawl your site, thereby increasing the probability of search engine and search records ranking.

2 the first role is soft attention, more shocking is better, at the same time a large number of soft Wen, can quickly make your site to be concerned about the people, when the acquisition is just established or railway station, it is very necessary, and in the early site, can attract a number of early attention or potential customers.

3 spread author value. Soft Wen is different from advertising, largely with a personal note view inside, such as "I see today Baidu", and then take the link to your website, this is an expression of their own values, by taking the soft links only, and through such soft Wen, not only can express their views, but also propaganda website, if writing good enough, still can attract the same ideas friends to discuss progress. This is the effect of the old thank me.

4 traffic import. This advantage may be related to SEO, the beginning, the website traffic is very difficult, you write the soft, with a link, then someone will click, click this, bring the basic traffic to the site, traffic may not be commercial traffic or such intentional traffic, but the development of the website or the initial effect, and on the SEO perspective, if part of a stable source of traffic sites have at the beginning, and the structure of the website and content is reasonable, then, ranking will slowly rise up.

5 the webmaster can use to soft propaganda BLOG, some large domestic BLOG are registered one in BLOG with your product, or is the key word in BLOG, no matter how much you link, will not come to you ha, ha ha, this effect is very good.

is more than the old Xie write some experience, I hope to have some help.

this article on the ADMIN5 for the first time, please note the name of the reprint, thank you.

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