Eight key points that must be known before network promotion

everything is mutual influence and interaction, network promotion is no exception. The so-called know ourselves baizhanbudai, after the actual network promotion work in recent years, summed up the following several factors must know before the promotion. And we hope to explore, it is also wrong to say hope forgive me!

1 web site program to be robust.

no matter what you promote the site, the site must be robust performance. Generally, we use the most is the use of the network more popular CMS to build the station, if you set up a few stations will certainly be able to see the basic out of what you are doing with the program. Not popular on the Internet, do not recommend that you use, not many people, that if the problem of this program would have soon to get answers, after all, with fewer people found that the probability of bug is small, the user does not say much program is certainly not very strong strength of the company to do. Caution! And more popular on the network station system, with many people, so for this developed system software will be a lot of, due to interest, it is difficult to eliminate. So we can only play the official release of the patch, do a good job of protective measures. Said so much, in fact this is not our network promotion staff, but tell us network station program quality is the first step promotion effect, a prerequisite to do good work, must first sharpen his tools! I have some network programs often collapse in certain conditions, kill people. For example, network marketing forum! I will choose the Kang Sheng discuz forum program, you can look at the


if your company’s website is maintained by the relevant professional development company, please do a good job of regular and related companies, and then meet the relevant problems can be resolved in a timely manner. Don’t wait until we all work done, the day is not a problem here. A web application, there is not open, publish an article will take a long time and so on, so The loss outweighs the gain.!

2 site procedures to be reasonable, easy to do optimization.

best when we publish the article, you can add the relevant keywords, network editor is better, can directly edit the HTML code, you can add pictures, videos, etc.. I met a number of procedures, visual state and the state is not the same as after the release, it took a lot of effort to put the layout of the good.

3 site speed must be fast.

we look at how to know how to talk about it. General three seconds to open the website, the customer will be closed, the longest time is six seconds. Now we test your site’s speed, if not open in three seconds, there is a problem, this is entirely in our future website optimization ranking by great influence, remember! The speed is one of the important factors affecting the network ranking.

4 define their responsibilities.

you are responsible for

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