Discussion on ways to promote B2B industry website

today, originally combined with the actual operation, and we have to explore the promotion of a number of basic points of the industry B2B website, said the wrong place, we welcome criticism.

1, understand competitors

industry B2B website faces three kinds of situations:

A, the competition is very strong, but the products and services have been differentiated;

B, there is no strong competitors, platforms and services can easily outperform competitors;

C, the competition is very strong, platform and service model and competitors are not very different;

if your B2B site in the A industry situation, you have to go to competitors no effort to take into account or ignore the market; if in the B case, can use the excellent platform as the starting point, fast user. No matter what kind of situation you are in, you must know your competitors and take targeted measures.

2, the advantages of the site to enlarge, hide shortcomings

a newly opened industry B2B website, and has opened a period of time compared to a lot of shortcomings. For example: the registered user is too little, too little, too little content, the new user is difficult to participate in or become repeat customers, etc.. And a period of time we can do is to maximize the advantages of amplification, try to hide shortcomings. For example: just open when you can quickly enter a lot of content, not every place on the information to update the time every day to simulate a large number of user input information. In a word, try our best to make the new users have reason to stay.

3, analyze target customers and find them

any website, has its target users, we must analyze the characteristics of users, such as: by age, according to the position of division, according to the high low-end users division, division, according to user preferences according to the different needs of the division. They often go to find the place, such as e-mail, search engine, web site, timely communication, industry community and so on, we only try to find the target users, in order to take effective promotion methods to target users.

4, with the marketing tool

we have to understand, whether it is the promotion of charges, or free promotion, must be fast and effective to achieve the effect of promotion. The tool is one of the best way to achieve this purpose, such as: a large number of valuable help sending mail, crazy call marketing, let the search engine on the web friendly, the vast majority of users, industry control and QQ online media cooperation promotion etc..

5, innovation promotion method

when we analyze the website platform, hidden site shortcomings, to find the target user’s location, and using a variety of network marketing tools, then you need these marketing tools how to better innovation, promotion methods. For example, we all know that we want to send a message

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