Also learn cloud girl do the first person to eat crab

the first person to eat crab is brave, but also for future generations to remember. We often envy the first person to eat crabs, but very few of them have the courage to try, is not some regret it?

in the rapid development of the Internet today, new characters and events, in order to can become the focus in the teeth of the storm on the rise directly to a high position and the topic character. Webmaster website, is to create a topic, click on the manufacturing, manufacturing flow, in order to attract attention, in order to increase the click and flow, is also the effect of the webmaster diligently strive after.

station admin5.com news network "cloud girl" popular in the network: "non Ma Yun did not marry", this rather handsome and financial woman, actually published Bowen "Ma Yun, you are the most handsome man in my heart", the expression of love for Ma Yun. Cloud girl, born in 1986, 13 years old to become the youngest chess master in contemporary China, the age of 17 was admitted to the full scholarship of Columbia University, aged became the youngest designer in Asia GUCCI. In 2008, she returned to Chengdu, took over the annual output value of more than 50 million, Sichuan’s largest private elevator construction equipment enterprises. A ripple, online launched a fierce debate on the "cloud girl", the behavior of mixed.

here we do not discuss the cloud girl is speculation, we only from the perspective of the webmaster to see if the cloud girl spirit is worth learning. Ma Yun has been the focus of people, either in person or taobao.com has been the talk of the Internet, if there is a connection with Ma Yun, a sudden increase exposure rate! And "cloud girl" is the first person to eat crabs! We have seen Ma Yun’s wisdom and courage and boldness, only gas, not only the people Ma Yun said "handsome", the brave woman, say the world never said, caused a new round of media storm, a focus on many of the spotlight.

website, publicity is very important, but the owners often suffer from promotion of less than ideal effect. If you can introduce new elements, is unable to get an unexpected effect? Such as learning the "eat crab" for the first time, try to put this way grafted to the website promotion. "Ma, you are the most handsome man in my mind," this blog, blog click rate rose rapidly, even if they can not write such an article to see if you can reprint this article. In addition, the Internet began to look for someone to "Gong Xiaosi blog," the amazing blog posts published in the end is how much, people are curious. Where there is curiosity, there is news, there is traffic, the webmaster should look at the world can be provided in this regard it can not be the first person to eat crab, stick to the first to eat the crab ‘s light.

Some time ago,

and Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home for dinner "this post, amazing clicks and replies the day, these are" the first person to eat crabs, create hot spots, attract eyeball, creative flow. Webmaster do website promotion, can from.

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