The use of QQ public numbers to drain Taobao customers ubiquitous network marketing

yesterday, many from the media and marketing people eagerly to the public number for qq. However, in the end we found that the monkey was played by the Tencent, thousands of places were killed instantly clean. I believe a lot of people did not have time to look at the public number in the end is what has been reminded of the quota has been exhausted. Zhu Haitao is one of them, one hour ahead of the computer in front of the preparation of all kinds of information, and then… Do not know whether the Tencent want to play hunger marketing, but since thousand places, just as consistent continuation of the invitation system. This also eliminates the trouble we keep in front of the computer.

in several groups, many members of the group in the curse of Tencent, their feelings I can understand. But since there is no application, we might as well do something else, even if a few words can not be changed. Moreover, the public number QQ this thing in the end can bring us what kind of benefits who can not tell, but it is just a platform, although the platform is very large. We are practicing good internal strength is the key, only the strength strong, will only ease in real time operating QQ public number.

there is a higher class of marketing people in the world, although there is no application to the QQ public number, but still get benefits from the QQ public numbers. At the very least, Zhu Haitao can use this QQ public numbers to drain. Of course, I do not have the slightest boast of the meaning, do not spray) known as the 100 thousand media people to apply for QQ public numbers, then there are nearly 100 thousand of the media from the people who did not apply for the final. Did not apply to them, what is the mood? In addition to shouting a few words, many people would think method to get the QQ public account no.. There is only one way to buy Taobao almighty. Presumably the idea of a few people, so yesterday did not apply to the public number QQ, the first thing I do not write, nor complain in the group, but quickly to Taobao released a public account number: qq. Of course, I do not have this account for sale, the real purpose of the release of this product is drainage.


See the screenshot above

a lot of people still do not understand, how can this way to Ali Wangwang drainage drainage? WOW? Of course not, we then see below that of


now we should understand, in the description of the goods with QQ and other contact information. Only the distribution of goods, and Ali Wangwang will hang on, every day there are at least dozens of friends for. The first row of the commodity if it is also used in this way, a few hundred days to increase the flow is no problem.

of course depends on the effect here in two: 1, the goods of the browsing, collection, sales, 2, Ali Wangwang is online.


is currently the only person to buy my goods, is ranked by comparison, but because of my Ali Wangwang has maintained the basic.

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