Daily topic particle loan settled WeChat to open up to the highest loan 200 thousand

A5 webmaster network ( September 22nd news, yesterday in the micro public bank’s first Internet product particle loan has been on the WeChat line. Micro loan through the white list mechanism to select the first batch of the most in line with the particle loan customer positioning users, had been on the QQ wallet line.

micro particles is the development of small banks in Shenzhen, Qianhai, a small data model based on small loans. The location for the Internet micro credit loan products, with unsecured, unsecured, borrowed, daily interest ". Micro loan products by micro focus Bank launched, and the subject is also a commercial bank products by chanting, promote two products are currently only a small range of beta and no large scale. In addition, the micro public bank and commercial bank client products are not formed, so the two products in the current version of the micro public and network operators on the client will not appear.

particles in WeChat (loan to 6.2.5 and above) the entrance is "I – Wallet – bank card – money", the user can view the active in WeChat, at the bottom of the list is "money" card entrance users is invited by the user. At present in the hands of on-line Q and WeChat two channels, to provide a unified credit line for a natural person users have opened credit users in two micro channel, in the hands of Q and WeChat can borrow money, but total borrowing two platform shall not exceed the amount of the loan particles.

According to

, the lending process is quite simple. Users only need to bind the bank card, you can click on a button to borrow money, the system will determine the individual credit situation in a few seconds, and give a certain amount. Users do not need any collateral, according to the corresponding tips to fill in the information, you can complete the online loan. Of course, if you have a personal credit report in the central bank has a record of default, the system will identify, and tell you "can not borrow money".

the maximum amount of specific credit is still 200 thousand yuan, depending on the specific circumstances of individual credit. Each customer can loan amount ranging from 40 thousand to 500 yuan. Tencent Inc will be determined by the Internet big data risk control model, mainly based on Internet behavior data, such as consumer, social, games, and third party data and other multi-dimensional data.

micro public bank said the loan on-line in the hands of Q particles and WeChat two channels, the risk mechanism of micro public banks unified, but the two channels in the application of data and the specific strategy will be slightly different, WeChat data play a more important role in the WeChat channel account security and customer selection. Micro public shareholders of Tencent will make full use of platform resources, and seek various excellent platform for cooperation, complementary hand Q and WeChat two channel advantage, make the target users more convenient to contact, understand and use the micro public bank products.

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