Ali Zhang Yong Ali CEO Xiangjie brilliance cooperation a new retail combination in three aspects to

Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong


technology news February 20th afternoon news today, the Alibaba group and Bailian Group announced a strategic cooperation in Shanghai. At the signing ceremony, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said, I hope the two sides can cooperate in the three aspects of Internet technology and business to play a far-reaching role in promoting. The new retail to achieve the "three links" "to" "three".

"three links", refers to the goods through, member communication, service. Up to now, in the Tmall platform to complete three links more than 100 thousand stores. In Zhang Yong seems to be based on data products, membership and services fully open, will provide more new retail scenarios and the future of the foundation.

"three", refers to people and goods, field (scene), the new Internet retail is the reconstruction of people and goods, based on the field ". Around these three elements to the Internet driven evolution of the response, so that consumers get a new experience anytime, anywhere.


three", one is "strengthening", with his original shopping centers, convenience stores, supermarket as an example, strengthen the function of the original is the foundation; the two is the "chemical reaction", through chemical reaction, so that the original business, to become more efficient; the three is the "incubator", see if you can produce we feel like like like, have never seen the format.

Zhang Yong said, "it is not like shopping malls and traditional shopping malls, shopping centers and the like is not the traditional shopping center, it is a consumption of the community is a center is idle away in seeking pleasure, a consumer connection center, is a new community, community."

following Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong statement:


, members of the leadership of Shanghai city mayor Zhou Dong, leaf and brilliance all partners, all friends of the press:

Hello everyone!

today’s new retail theme has been ready to come out, we are looking forward to the Alibaba group action, at the same time in this process is also very excited, very excited. Back in 1999 the Alibaba was founded, our mission is, we all know, that is, let the world is not difficult to do business". To 2017, when the development of our times has entered the era of big data, to the whole business and the Internet to promote the development of technology in the case has entered the technology to drive business transformation, into the deep deep water area of new commercial reform era, the Alibaba’s mission in the era of big data today, is how to use the power of data, with the construction of the new commercial infrastructure to make all partners to do business more simple and more efficient, this is our vision of future oriented representation of Alibaba.

after 10 years of construction, the Alibaba group today has in many aspects of the entire e-commerce, payment, finance, logistics, cloud computing, big data to create a familiar such as Taobao, Tmall, Alipay, Ali cloud, Internet > rookie

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