30 most profitable mobile nternet Co released the game company into the main force


newspaper news (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) yesterday, "Forbes" magazine Chinese version released yesterday in 2011 30 most profitable mobile Internet Co list, it can be found that the company has become a major force in the game, the most profitable mobile Internet Co in.

listed in the list of 30 companies in 2011 revenue exceeded 50 million yuan, their distribution is like a copy of the current mobile Internet money index table: most games, as many as 11 homes, and mobile advertising platform each 5, 4 for the life of service, 1 reading, 3 tools. 1 general. But in this list is not Taobao, Tencent, Baidu and other mobile terminal business in the absolute size of the leading company, because "Forbes" magazine that the mobile business of these companies accounted for only a small part of its business.

Forbes Chinese edition that, in the current stage of development of the mobile Internet company, the higher the income of at least temporarily shows that these companies find effective business model and profit model, also proved that the mobile Internet is not just last year the group purchase a replica of the bubble rupture, but can actually make money.

in addition, Forbes Chinese version is not strictly the ranking of these 30 companies, and the use of income rather than net profit indicators to define the ability to make money, it is considered that the industry is still in a rapidly changing, the relevant data is constantly changing, and the past high income does not mean that the future may still to maintain this momentum.

> > list of companies on the list

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