The frequency of information update is available

website update frequency, the level of the page and the relevance of the content is considered to be the value of Robin evaluation of the three important factors, today I would like to talk about the site’s information update frequency.

website information update frequency includes two aspects: the site’s own information update frequency and site search results information update frequency.

site’s own information update frequency is generally refers to the unit of time to carry out the release of information in the web page generation or change speed. The production of the web page is easier to understand, that is, the emergence of a new page in the site. When referring to the site itself to update information, we should also consider the web information change correction site already exists, especially the main page of the site (such as home page and column page), this is more easily ignored.

site search results information update frequency within a unit time search engine on the web site search results information refresh rate. The three factors that determine the web page search results display information are: title, random abstract description and date. If any of these factors change, we will update the search results. Usually, the change in the date of the web search results is the most easily perceived.

in general, the site’s own information update frequency is the main factor affecting the frequency of site search results update frequency. Ideally, the website search results in information update frequency and site information should update frequency synchronization, i.e. once the site has updated information, the page will index information of the site in the search engine page corresponding to the corresponding update. If the above two update frequency synchronization, what kind of benign situation will happen? The search engine is more sensitive to detect the update of the website information behavior, once a new page is released, search engine robots will quickly put the page information will capture the search engine’s database, so the search engine on the web included will not be what problem.

is not actually the case. Many small and medium-sized sites do not attach importance to the update of the website information, and some even a few months or more than a year will not increase the web site, which will cause the search engine robots will not often visit the site. If one day, a frequently updated website released a new web page, we really do not know what time to search engine robots coming again, and the new "information back to the search engine’s database. In fact, the web site contains a lot of problems plagued the site owners.

If a

update diligent site posted a web page, the page has not been included in the search engine, this is understandable. After all, in the past for a long period of time, the search robot visited the site are empty handed, then it is corresponding to the site long return cycle, so this site suddenly one day have to update information, search robot cannot quickly detect. But >

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