Full time VS part time O2O entrepreneurial model of how to choose

the United States, "New York Times" online edition today, the O2O economy, the rapid rise of not only reshape the business model, but also gave birth to a new way of employment. Similar to the Uber driver that independent contractors not only flexible working mode, and the income is much higher than the market average, this new work has also attracted so many people. However, the start-up companies have gradually found that the best use of employees is not Uber driver such temporary workers, but with a long-term employment relationship of full-time employees.

O2O economic model of employment relations began to transition

last year, Apple’s former Retail Director Ron · Johnson (Ron Johnson) to sell a related electronic commerce courier service company to a number of creative risk investors, many of them do not agree with the idea of Johnson, including the way to treat employees.

Johnson’s company, called Enjoy, it allows professionals to door-to-door, and then in the customer’s home and office site installation of technology products. However, unlike most of the so-called O2O service companies, such as Uber, Johnson has asked employees to work as an independent contractor, but want to recruit a group of people who really want to work for him.

Johnson said: "I said, one day, the legal cognizance of the nature of the work of these contractors are likely to change, so I hope the company was founded from the first day to take a more long-term operating mode, don’t suffer such business risk." Johnson has founded Apple’s retail business, and later joined the department store operator J. C. Penney as CEO.

from the Uber driver identity

last week reported that the California Labor Council recently ruled that Uber drivers should be identified as full-time employees, rather than contractors. In view of this, companies rely on independent contractor risk becomes increasingly prominent.

although the ruling is not a binding precedent, it may push some people in Silicon Valley to explore alternative models of independent contractors. Enjoy is the number of hope in the operating mode, one of the companies to create new applications based on.

Uber in the world and hundreds of thousands of drivers to establish a cooperative, although these did not adopt the independent contractor mode of start-up companies is much smaller than Uber, but they are in the early success brings the hope that O2O services will provide a stable living means, rather than the temporary occupation prospects of them can only rely on sporadic tasks on the application to make a living.

, however, is not a vague legal definition of these companies in the future way of work is different from the view of Uber, on the contrary, they believe that full-time employees better use some. Johnson said: "we are providing personalized services -"

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