Sina micro blog kill WeChat promotion is it necessary For micro innovation is the right path

November 26, 2014 12 noon, if the promotion is not clear WeChat micro-blog account number of the public will face a possible title and gag, Sina marketing official micro-blog @ Sina first interactive even boasted said: welcome each report and encourage an aggrieved grudges against revenge.

the day before yesterday, just yell fast WeChat platform does not quickly open (red shield fast circle of friends to share links), today, micro-blog has blood flavor, directly blocked WeChat threatened public marketing behavior induced by

!The tragic history of

"Seclusion" may have gone too far, perhaps no one remembers it. But whether it is micro-blog rush to "retreat", or WeChat on fast implementation of "closed", look not so honorable, as public figures, WeChat or micro-blog, worth mentioning, child care, the heart is always in a flagrant way xenophobic and capricious.

Taxi and the taxi drops fast

(Tencent investment), belongs to the industry in the same industry of the two big business, WeChat even if the surface is provided for the open policy quickly, you can also come to a pledge in the open time (for example, to share, fast induction) it is difficult to be able to realize their ambitions on the WeChat platform. In fact, the really looking forward to a direct rival site has a good development? If you really think so, it is too naive, but make this case, even if the official WeChat Tencent have not yet given a clear, open or closed fast statement, but then the action must be careful on the situation than to have no trouble before quickly being good.

micro-blog and WeChat, but different from the relationship between fast and drops. Said a "rival" relationship between nature, social media platform that is the hottest micro-blog, WeChat is one of the hottest current social platform, a lot of micro-blog marketing masters have also switched to WeChat marketing, "user dispute" is the biggest opponent, but however is that micro-blog and WeChat are different.

property of micro-blog itself immediately, fast, hot, main content is to watch people’s short quip, propagation speed is due to these characteristics, the speed of light was dazzling; WeChat platform attributes are destined to its delicate and deep content, the public number, the public platform training because the daily dispatch restrictions, and WeChat’s reading mode, nature friends social platform itself deeper, have decided the content must have enough depth of sediment.

so micro-blog blocked WeChat, is it necessary?

from micro-blog’s own short-term interests, it is necessary. Micro-blog has almost become a main force bearing micro-blog operation, social nature is gradually by the media coverage, WeChat public hot, led micro-blog masters will micro-blog fans user import WeChat public service number. The loss of users is micro-blog’s biggest pain.

But WeChat and

blocking can bring what micro-blog? Treatment induced behavior related to WeChat public number, still cannot prevent the loss of part of the user. So, from the perspective of the user experience and long-term interests, micro-blog do >

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